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This toy turns dysphoria into euphoria!

This toy turns dysphoria into euphoria!

If I’ve learned one thing from community feedback, it’s that one toy goes above and beyond when it comes to transforming genital dysphoria into euphoria.
by Step Tranovich on April 08, 2024
Outercourse from outer space!! 👽🛸

Outercourse from outer space!! 👽🛸

There are so many reasons you might not want to be penetrated during sex play, both physical and emotional. It could even just come down to the fact that–in that moment, or maybe always–you simply find outercourse more pleasurable. As for how Cute Little Fuckers can be a part of your sexy times, three of our adorable monsters—all of whom excel at external stimulation—share their best tips for making the most of outercourse.
by Step Tranovich on February 29, 2024
Getting Back to Our Roots: A Guide to Sex in Nature

Getting Back to Our Roots: A Guide to Sex in Nature

Hey there, lovely friends. I’m Starsi, your friendly guide to all things nature and intimacy. Today, we're diving into the wonderful world of outdoor passion. Yep, you heard it right – getting sexy in nature can be an exhilarating, beautiful experience. Before we embark on this journey, though, let's chat about doing it mindfully.
by Starsi 🌟 on January 31, 2024