About Us

Cute Little Fuckers are collectible sex toys shaped like adorable monsters. All of our toys are made for ALL genders! Especially made with queer and transgender bodies in mind.

Our mission is to make sex toys more:

  • Playful
  • Personal
  • Approachable
  • Inclusive

By supporting Cute Little Fuckers you are creating a world where all people have access to healthy sexual expression. Thank you!!

Our Origin Story

This adventure started when Step Tranovich (they/them) fell victim to long term hand injuries, losing them their job and forcing them to discover a new career path for themself. Instead of only sulking (don't get me wrong, there was plenty of sulking involved, just not only sulking) they saw this as the kick in the butt they needed to create a life more in line with their heart. As an activist, they wanted their work to have purpose. As a hardware hacker, they wanted to do something in the physical world. As an artist, they wanted it to be weird. And as a human, they wanted it to be personally relatable.

After a surprisingly little time thinking about their own frustrations as a trans person using impersonal and imposing sex toys, Cute Little Fuckers came to mind. And after a surprisingly many conversations with strangers about whether this project was too weird or not, Step started making it happen in the real world! Whether or not this will really work is yet to be seen. Fingers crossed the kickstarter goes well!!

The Founder

Step Tranovich (They/Them) is the gender-fluid queer founder of Cute Little Fuckers. Their sex positive activism started as early as high school were they fought for queer rights as the only openly queer person in a conservative school. In 2017 they founded the egalitarian artist-activist collective Loud and Queer (loudandqueer.com) which has since released over 30 videos and produced over 100 events building supportive community and sexual self-esteem internationally.

At the end of 2018 Step became victim of debilitating nerve injuries in both arms, severely limiting their hand use. Despite still battling these injuries today and likely forever, they refuse to let this stop them from achieving their dreams. With the L&Q community by their side, Step is combining their engineering experience with their sex-positive experience to turn their passion into their career through Cute Little Fuckers.

When not doing queer activist organizing and building sex toys, Step is a musician, an electronics hacker (often at the same time!), a fire performer, and of course a loving friend and partner to many.

The Community

Loud and Queer (loudandqueer.com) is a non-hierarchical egalitarian (so no one is in charge) collective dedicated to the destruction of shame and the annihilation of confusion around all topics within and related to amorism, which includes:






This dedication manifests itself in community creation, identity validating online video content, inclusive events in the San Francisco & Oakland Bay Area (and beyond), political action, art, deep levels of silliness, and much more.

L&Q is an experiment in making social impact fun, and an experiment in making organizations that feed people rather than deplete them. We aim to have all our actions feed the world and grow the members in our group into greater selves.