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About Us

What's Cute Little Fuckers all about?
We are a queer owned, trans owned, disabled owned company whose mission is to make authentic sexual expression as inclusive and accessible as possible. Here’s how we do that.

We are for all genders ⚧️
From toy design to character creation, we are a company where all gender is included and celebrated! Especially yours!

We are for all bodies and abilities ♿
All of our toys are designed to be used in a variety of different ways so that they work with as many body shapes and sizes, gender experiences, and physical ability levels as possible.

We focus on education and affirmation 😊
New to exploring your body? Awesome! Sexual explorer extraordinaire? Equally awesome! Wherever you are in your exploration journey, we love that and are here to guide you.

Crazy high quality at a reasonable price 💸
Our bodies deserve quality products for our enjoyment and our health. We make our toys as affordable as possible for the quality while still paying our queer staff. We also have a low income toy program to help make our toys financially accessible to all.

Our toys are fucking cute 🥰
When we say accessibility, that includes emotional accessibility. For many of us, exploring ourselves can be crazy scary! Our Cute Little Fuckers can make learning to love yourself so much easier, and so much more fun too!


Meet Step, and the story behind CLF

Hi, I'm Step (they/them)! I’m the creator of CLF! Every single day I wake up so grateful for Cute Little Fuckers – that I get to make such fun toys, that I get to serve deeply so many communities that mean so much to me, and that I get to do this amazing work in a way that works with my disability and chronic illness. Let me tell you, it's been a crazy ride getting here.

In 2018 I started suffering from an intense neurological disease that forced me to leave my previous careers behind. Unsure of the future, I decided to take a HUGE risk and started a business that reflected the things I cared most about (sex positivity & inclusivity/queer issues), all while hoping to eventually support myself being newly disabled.

Cute Little Fuckers made headlines in 2019 as the first adult toy to be allowed on Kickstarter in nearly a decade. We hit our goal on the first day and went on to raise three times our original target. Since then we’ve continued to make a buzz globally, winning awards and being featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan, TechCrunch and Out Magazine.

To me, the most important part of this experience has been how deeply and positively impactful these toys have been for so many. People reach out all the time to tell us how important Cute Little Fuckers has been to them, and how much we have helped them connect with their bodies, partners, and personal identities in ways they didn't think possible. I read every single one of these messages and every time it touches me to the heart (and makes me tear up 😭❤️).

Thank you SO much – each and every one of you – for being part of this amazing journey. By loving ourselves and each other more fully, we are making the world a place we all deserve.