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Frequently Asked Questions!

Is your shipping discreet?

Yes! All toys ship in nondescript padded envelopes and cardboard boxes. Our return address simply says CLF. No one who sees your package will know you were just shipped your new favorite vibrator. (Unless you tell them of course!) 🤫

CLF toy package in white envelope at the front and yellow envelopes which are CLF toys at the back of the photo


How do I charge my Cute Little Fucker?

Each toy comes with an insert outlining how to use and charge your toy. In case you misplaced it, here is a copy of the charging portion of the insert.

leaflet with instruction on how to charge CLF toys

Where can I find a replacement bullet?

We have a one-year warranty for our toy’s electronics. If your items are damaged or defective please contact us and we will be happy to help rectify the situation. If it’s outside the warranty period or maybe you just want a new and/or extra bullet for more fun play, we have available replacement bullets in our store: Extra Vibe ⚡


How long does does it take to recharge my toy?

It takes 70 minutes for the battery to go from totally dead to fully charged.


How long can it run until the next charging?

When fully charged the battery lasts for 110 minutes of consecutive use. That’s nearly 2 hours of nonstop play! 💦


Where do you ship?

ALL AROUND THE WORLD! 🌎 (As long as your country's customs don't have restrictions for adult toys)