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Getting Back to Our Roots: A Guide to Sex in Nature

by Starsi 🌟 on January 31, 2024

Hey there, lovely friends. I’m Starsi, your friendly guide to all things nature and intimacy. Today, we're diving into the wonderful world of outdoor passion. Yep, you heard it right – getting sexy in nature can be an exhilarating, beautiful experience. Before we embark on this journey, though, let's chat about doing it mindfully.


Check Your Local Laws!  📚🔍

So, you're thinking about taking your sexcapades beyond the bedroom and into the open air? Fantastic choice! Before you start scouting locations, it's crucial to check the local laws. Here in the US, as long as you approach it intentionally, getting intimate in nature is legal in many states. If you can reasonably expect that nobody will happen upon you and you’re not somewhere like a public park, then you’re generally in the clear! Remember, though, different places have different rules, so do your homework.


Finding the Perfect Spot 📍

Now, onto the fun part – finding that dreamy, secluded spot where you and whoever else is on this adventure with you can connect with nature and each other. When you’re choosing your location, take into consideration what you’re looking for. Are you wanting to do a whole backpacking trip together that includes some sexy time? Or are you looking for a day trip that doesn’t involve quite as much preparation and planning? What is everyone’s comfort level with the different options? Have a conversation with anyone involved to get on the same page.


A Few Ideas to Start 🌳 

In or On a Car 🚗:

For those looking for the beauty of nature without direct exposure, consider finding a quiet spot where you can park your car, surrounded by the beauty of nature. The confined space can add an extra thrill to your experience.


In a Tent While Camping 🏕️:

Camping enthusiasts, this one's for you! Pitch a tent in a secluded area, surrounded by the calming sounds of nature. Just make sure to choose a tent with ample room for both intimacy and comfort.


On a Blanket in a Secluded Forest 🌲:

For a more classic outdoor experience, find a quiet clearing in the heart of a forest. Lay down a cozy blanket, embrace the earth beneath you, and let nature be the backdrop to your sexy time.


Planning and Preparation 🎒

Once you've identified your enchanted spot, it's time to pack for the ultimate communion with nature. Bring a comfortable blanket or towel for a cozy setup, and don't forget essentials like water, snacks, and, of course, all of your desired sexy supplies. Bring barrier protection and lube, pack in a few of your favorite toys, and some toy cleaning wipes. Maybe you’d like some way to wipe yourselves down after– think ahead about what kind of experience you’re looking for, and bring everything you need for that. As always, when going into nature, it’s also a good idea to let someone know where you will be.


Leave No Trace 🏞️

Our connection to nature doesn't end with the experience. Before you bid farewell to your chosen spot, take a moment to ensure you've packed everything out. Make sure to bring an extra bag to put things like used condoms, any remnants from any snacks you packed in, and any other traces of you being there. Be a steward of the great outdoors, my friends!


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Final Thoughts – Your Adventure Awaits! 🌌🔥

As we wrap up our chat, remember that nature is a playground for exploration and connection. Exploring intimacy outdoors can be a magical experience, offering a unique blend of passion and tranquility. So, my friends, whether you're under the canopy of trees or beneath the starry sky, embrace the beauty of nature and each other.

Now, go forth and create memories that intertwine with the rustling leaves and the gentle breeze. Nature is waiting, and so are the unforgettable moments you'll share. Until next time, stay adventurous, stay respectful, and stay connected with the world around you.


With love,