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Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟

Starsi! 🌟

Xtra Inclusive Design
Powerful & variable vibrations
Best selling

    Name: Starsi

    Pronouns: Starsi

    Loves: napping and hiding things

    Dimensions: 11.6 cm / 4.6 inches wide, 3.3 cm / 1.3 inches tall

    Starsi comes from a starsun, a planet covered in fire, so Starsi loves the warmth of your body. Starsi makes a great vibrator for all surfaces, from genitals to chests, between and beyond. The curves on Starsi's back make an ideal grip, easily palmed in your hand. Transfemme vibrator seekers with genital dysphoria tend to enjoy Starsi for Starsi's ability to cover genitalia with a gently curved vulva-like feel, allowing us to map new genitalia and euphoria in our own mind. You don't have to be transfemme to discover Starsi's pleasures though. Starsi is a sweet and sensual friend.

    All Cute Little Fuckers toys have these fantastic features:

    • Award Winning
    • Artist Designed
    • For all genders
    • High quality materials - 100% silicone, the gold standard of sex toys
    • Soft silicone feel
    • Vibrate at five speeds and five modes - an incredibly strong vibrator
    • USB rechargeable
    • Quiet. Shhhhhh.
    • Waterproof
    • Interchangeable vibrator
    • Easy to clean
    • Designed to be used in creative ways
    • 1 Year Warranty


    How to Use:


    Learn about our free & affordable toy program for low-income folx!

    Photos with models courtesy of Nikkia Margaret

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 60 reviews
    Iva Veazey
    Best buzz around!!

    What a great little monster! It really is a -made for the queer- type of toy. It is great for my specific ENBY type of dysphoria. It cradles everything and massages the outer edges of my groin area- I’ve been wanting a sort of a wide, half of a penis stroker to cover all my parts and this hits the right spots. Great texture and vibrations for chest/nipple play. The shape is so perfect for hands free for my body too. Love the little vibrating tips of the starfish arms as well - very pleasing!
    Outside of this review, Step, I would like to do a YouTube video with my colleague in a few weeks about this toy and CLF. We are sexologists/certified sex coaches and love having fun, spicy topics. I may even cover how this is helpful with phantom penis situations for non-binary and trans masculine folx. Would that be ok with you? In addition to this, I’d love to offer a free SEX COACHING session as a bonus or add on to any promotions you might be doing in the future - would love to discuss if you’re up for that.
    Thanks for making such wonderful products! Iva Veazey [****]

    Almost perfect

    I do love this toy. Starsi is cute, fun, and the most pleasurable toy I've owned. The only downside is that my hand does cramps a bit by the time I cum. Though I don't hold it against the toy as 1) my hands are fairly small and 2) it takes me 40 minutes to get off. That said, 40 minutes is much less than the hour it normally takes me so still a win

    First toy, Very Good Experience with Minor Notes

    For a couple of years, I've been looking for a toy source that doesn't immediately fill me with dread, dysphoria and boredom. I can happily say that CLF has not only avoided all of those, but actually produced an environment and set of toys that is exciting, interesting, and sparks curiosity about myself in a way I struggle to find elsewhere.

    I picked Starsi because personally, I struggle with internal stimulation and while exploring this part of myself I didn't want to even give myself the option with my first toy, as well as feeling intrigued by the different layers and the promise for a wide area of stimulation that diffuses the experience. Starsi did not disappoint! The experience was delightfully deep and intense. I'm sure to some the lack of pinpoint stimulation might be a downside, but I have found immense comfort in it because Starsi doesn't allow much consideration for the genital set up I have while giving stimulation to all the areas it's needed most.

    I do find the number of Starsi's points to be a mixed bag - they certainly help keep Starsi in place, but sometimes they dig in a way that is uncomfortable depending on the position and how much gripping is happening. Overall I don't find this to be a huge issue, actually the fact that all of them and their positions offer a slightly different experience is part of the appeal to me, but I can *definitely* see it being a problem for people more sensitive to being poked, or who bruise easily. I'm not really sure if there's a solution for this aside from perhaps making Starsi a smidge smaller.

    I also find Starsi's body to be *very* convenient for keeping in place, I've had no issues with not being able to hold Starsi or keep Starsi in place regardless of how much lubrication or movement is happening. The little dips in the back are perfect for fingers or other anatomy. I have a genetic disability that affects my mobility and grip, and even on days when it's particularly bad I have no issues with Starsi.

    Overall, I really enjoy my Starsi! The monster and the company both have made for a very good sexual experience that allows for safe and comfortable exploration of my body! I would recommend, and I intend to buy from them again.

    Em Cochenour
    first sex toy

    This is the first sex toy I'd ever bought, I always shied away from toys due to the price point. Sex toys can be quite a difficult sell for me not just due to the price point, but also design. I'm not a fan of insertables (perhaps it's different since I had simply been using my fingers prior to this, or it could be general body discomfort, but I always found insertion really difficult), but other sort of stimulators for the "little guy" (for lack of better wording haha) always looked rather boring, being just smooth. But, I found Starsi on a different website when looking at different online trans-friendly sex shops and I thought "what the heck, why not?" and went for it. Good god, I've never had such a great time with play before! I love the texture on Starsi's body, and the cute little smile. I love all the settings, too, it's hard to pick just one favorite! 1000/10, I definitely want to try another toy from this brand sometime!

    A life-changing discovery!

    My therapist told me about "muffing" and mentioned CLF. I gave it a try and immediately knew that I had to buy a rose starsi. It was wonderful. As a transfemme SA survivor, this has been a major move forward in healing and self-care and how I'm able to do things either by myself or with a partner. I highly recommend for anyone who might have similar experiences or needs.


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