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Meet step!

Hi, I'm Step (they/them), the creator of Cute Little Fuckers! When I lost my previous career to disability, I realized life is too fragile to live any way but fully & authentically. So I built a new life based around making sex accessible, inclusive,and most of all FUN! Thus, CLF was born! I hope together we can help you find your most euphoric experiences EVER! :D

Our Story

Staff Pick for beginners - Season 1 poly pack!

Season 1 Poly Pack! 💯

$199.00 USD

What’s better than a Cute Little Fucker? THREE Cute Little Fuckers!

This collection gives you our three original award winning toys, Trinity, Starsi, and Princette Puppypus. Each toy is individually packaged so you can gift one to your partners, your friends, or keep them all to yourself.

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