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Princette! 🐙
Princette! 🐙
Princette! 🐙
Princette! 🐙
Princette! 🐙
Princette! 🐙
Princette! 🐙
Princette! 🐙
Princette! 🐙

Princette! 🐙

Easy to Hold
Internal OR External
For All Genders

    Meet Princette (they / them pronouns), the wildly versatile vibrator for all bodies. The many ways Princette can be used makes them a great first toy (or 50th!), helping you enjoy yourself in new and wonderful ways. The tip of their head can nestle into sweet sensitive places, while their facial features can create a more textured experience. Their award-winning shape makes them incredible for clitoral stimulation, but is equally pleasurable and safe as a vibrating butt plug and much more. Sliding your fingers around Princette’s waist creates an extraordinarily ergonomic grip (great for those with limited hand mobility). The possibilities with Princette are as limitless as you are.


    A four-panel comic on a few suggestions on how to use Princette. (1) Easy to hold! Make a Vibrating hand! (2) Nestles into the clitoral hood! (3) Tentacles can hug sensitive areas (4) Plug your bum and vibe all night!


    Who are we?

    Cute Little Fuckers is an award-winning disability-owned and trans-owned small business. As one of the most progressive adult toy companies in the industry today, we focus on making versatile toys that feel awesomely affirming to all bodies, especially centering transgender, nonbinary, queer, and disabled people’s experiences. Pleasure for Every Body.

    Spinning video of Princette


    - 5 Speeds & 5 Patterns
    - Strong Vibrations that Rumble, not Buzz
    - Quiet & Discreet Design
    - Rechargeable
    - Waterproof


    Materials + Care

    - 100% Silicone
    - Hand wash with soap & water
    - Remove electronics & boil or put in the dishwasher for a deep clean



    - Dimensions: 1.7"dia x 2.8"h

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 51 reviews
    Jorge Torres

    Is just an incredible product!!!!

    Connor Graham
    I loved it

    The package was discreet and i really enjoyed it

    Feeling cutely fucked

    5 stars girl 👍

    Kaela Gossett
    Great little guy!!

    I love my new little guy!! :) VERY powerful vibrations, super quiet, love the variation of ways you can use it. The flatter sides have some fun textures, and the tip is very good for precise and intense stimulation. I bought this because I have joint pain in my wrists and thumbs, and it's definitely easier to hold in place than a traditional wand! Like others have mentioned, the tentacles can be a bit pokey in certain positions, but that's a pretty minor downside. All in all a great toy!

    Dr. Jane Fleishman
    The Seniors Loved It!

    Hi Step!

    I brought the new Princette Puppy to a talk I gave at a senior center today and they loved it! The name, the color, the playfulness! One person said, that it was the cutest thing ever! I almost lost track of it when they passed it around the whole room! Thanks for making the seniors happy again!.


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