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Teal Trinity! 🍆
Teal Trinity! 🍆
Teal Trinity! 🍆
Teal Trinity! 🍆
Teal Trinity! 🍆
Teal Trinity! 🍆

Teal Trinity! 🍆

Butt Safe
G-spot & Prostate Stimulation
For all genders

    Meet Trinity, the gender-inclusive vibrator for everyone. Trinity comes from a cloud planet, a blue green gas giant of air, so she loves feeling your breath get heavy and soft again. Her long thin nature makes her perfect for inserting into all sorts of sneaky places. When Trinity is exploring your deepest fantasies, Tripp and Trine are there to stimulate some of your other extra sensitive spots. Trinity's flared base can be used to secure her in a strap-on holster, particularly exciting for lesbians and transmasc humans. The flared base also means she, he and xe are butt play safe. Trinity is a playful and purposeful friend.


    Who are we?

    Cute Little Fuckers is an award-winning trans-owned and disability-owned small business. As one of the most progressive adult toy companies in the industry today we focus on making versatile toys that feel awesomely affirming to all bodies, especially centering queer, transgender, nonbinary, and disabled people’s experiences. Pleasure for Every Body!




    - 5 Speeds & 5 Patterns
    - Strong Vibrations that Rumble, not Buzz
    - Quiet & Discreet Design
    - Rechargeable
    - Waterproof


    Materials + Care

    - 100% Silicone
    - Hand wash with soap & water
    - Remove electronics & boil or put in the dishwasher for a deep clean



    - Dimensions: 1.42"w (max, insertable), 2.5"w (max, base), 6.97"h


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Zoo wee mama

    I received this as a gift and I'm very grateful for that. That aside, even from a nonbiased standpoint, I still absolutely adore my toy. A bit TMI but it was VERY nice if you know what I mean (That G spot stimulation be hitting just right lmao). It also was so easy to hold and switch settings while holding. I tested the way to grip it and I even only needed three fingers to keep it steady and still switch the speeds. I love that the control button is slightly indented so I can press it without my finger slipping during use. I have really bad fine motor skills in my hands so this is massively helpful. I'm very happy with my experience, thank you so much. :)

    Samantha W
    Partner loves it!

    I won this toy for free and was excited to size up the dildo I use in my strap. It's a super cute and lightweight toy that has a very good rumble with the vibration and fits easily in my strap on briefs. I honestly don't have any complaints. If you're a person who struggles with penetration, I'd definitely recommend lube for this product to help ease it in. <3

    Vibrate to Heaven

    WOW! I admit it's been a while since I've updated my toolbox, and Sun and Sky Trinity is my new stairway to heaven. Perfect size, mind blowing speeds, its so exciting I actually have to force myself to slow down and try out new things with her, to experience all she can do. A delishously cummy delight!

    Trans Heathen
    Best First

    I love Trinity, Tripp, and Trine. This is my first ever toy and I am in love.


    I love my new toy. People aren't joking when they say the vibrations are amazing and I was so surprised at how powerful yet quiet my little monster is! Thank you so much CLFs! I will be a repeat customer for sure :)


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