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Shimmer! 🌞
Shimmer! 🌞
Shimmer! 🌞
Shimmer! 🌞
Shimmer! 🌞
Shimmer! 🌞
Shimmer! 🌞
Shimmer! 🌞

Shimmer! 🌞

G-spot & Prostate Stimulation
Easy to hold
Butt Safe
For all genders
Powerful & variable vibrations

    Meet Shimmer (she, he, or they pronouns), the gender inclusive vibrator for all bodies.  Shimmer has a thinner width than most insertable toys, making them a great vibrator for beginners and people who want to play with less need for warm up. The curve of Shimmer’s tail makes this toy excellent for both G spot and prostate stimulation, while Shimmer’s flippers give plenty of protection for use as an anal toy. These flippers also double as a great grip, making this toy particularly ergonomic for those with hand limitations.


    Who are we?

    Cute Little Fuckers is one of the most progressive adult toy companies in the industry today! As an award-winning trans-owned and disability-owned small business, we focus on making versatile toys that feel awesomely affirming to all bodies, especially centering queer, transgender, nonbinary, and disabled people’s experiences. Pleasure for Every Body!

    Spinning video of Shimmer



    - 5 Speeds & 5 Patterns
    - Strong Vibrations that Rumble, not Buzz
    - Quiet & Discreet Design
    - Rechargeable
    - Waterproof


    Materials + Care

    - 100% Silicone
    - Hand wash with soap & water
    - Remove electronics & boil or put in the dishwasher for a deep clean



    - Dimensions: 1"dia x 5.5"h

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    AMAZING onsite customer service

    I attended last weekend’s FWA (furry weekend Atlanta). Their booth, vibe, products, and people were so amazing.
    After finally getting around to testing out shimmer… I am NOT disappointed. I’m hoping shimmer will help me learn my inner workings better rather than just my outter pleasure buttons! The simplistic and adorable design make me feel like it won’t be, or rather, shouldn’t be scary or complicated to become more pleasurable with dildos or penetration.
    The staff on duty helped convince me (with little to no effort needed but rather using all the power in their progression and love for their work) excelled and completely sold me on the item. Even helping my best friend who has ALWAYS had a difficult time masterbating, even with external pleasure. Feel.. AMAZING is what she expressed to me.

    These items are wonders. In a simple sense… they are a decompression room. Not too bright, not too flashy or intimidating. They’re just right. They’re perfect.

    Jaymie W.
    So excited!

    My new monsters arrived today and they feel so good in my hands and on my skin! Can’t wait to explore them thoroughly with my partner!

    Avy Mercado
    SO WORTH IT!!!

    Saw the company at a convention and gave shimmer a try. Other toy companies have always been a struggle with quality and pleasure. So after having got this lil guy I hoped it’d be a different story and my expectations were beyond met! My partner loves it! The material is so soft and flexible and the vibration distribution is great as well. I highly recommend trying this one out as a first, and it’s not too long either! Definitely a worth wile purchase for the cost and quality. And loads of fun! &&& they’re so inclusive to everyone :) definitely will be making more purchases in the future

    Curtis Ireland
    So cute!

    I love this little fella! Real nice levels of vibration, super smooth finish to the silicone and very easy to clean. I don’t normally go for vibes, but I couldn’t resist such a cute critter, and now it’s one of my faves!

    Submissive and vibe-able ;)

    My partner and I love our spring edition Shimmer and Princette Puppypus—we're glad we can support a trans/queer business while enhancing our fun.
    If you're looking for ideas, a vibe with a remote control could create some interesting scenarios. :)


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