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Outercourse from outer space!! 👽🛸

Outercourse from outer space!! 👽🛸

There are so many reasons you might not want to be penetrated during sex play, both physical and emotional. It could even just come down to the fact that–in that moment, or maybe always–you simply find outercourse more pleasurable. As for how Cute Little Fuckers can be a part of your sexy times, three of our adorable monsters—all of whom excel at external stimulation—share their best tips for making the most of outercourse.
by Step Tranovich on February 29, 2024
This toy gives sexy superpowers.⚡

This toy gives sexy superpowers.⚡

You’ve heard the saying “new year, new you,” right? I don’t know about you, but at this time of year, there’s another phrase I prefer to follow: “Don’t mess with a good thing.” For me, one of those good things is our crew of cute little fuckers.
by Step Tranovich on January 21, 2024
Release the Kraken! Unleash Your Pleasure With Our Octopus Sex Toy

Release the Kraken! Unleash Your Pleasure With Our Octopus Sex Toy

Hey there, friends! Princette Puppypus here, your go-to octo-vibe and the first creation by Step (that’s right, I’m the oldest sibling in the family!). I'm here to spill the ink on the delightful world of pleasure and play, so grab a seat and let's dive into the intimate embrace of Princette Puppypus.
by Step Tranovich on December 01, 2023