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Outercourse from outer space!! 👽🛸

by Step Tranovich on February 29, 2024

Have you ever wanted to get sexy with someone, but the thought of penetrative intercourse just didn’t do it for you? 

There are so many reasons you might not want to be penetrated during sex play, both physical and emotional. 

It could even just come down to the fact that–in that moment, or maybe always–you simply find outercourse more pleasurable. 

Like, on the regular. 

I get it. 

External play can be pretty damn phenomenal.

So many things count as outercourse. Kissing. Massage. Dry humping. Mutual masturbation.

As for how Cute Little Fuckers can be a part of your sexy times, three of our adorable monsters—all of whom excel at external stimulation—share their best tips for making the most of outercourse.

Try a sensual massage that gets progressively sexier. Sure, Princette enjoys butt play. But they’re also a huge fan of full body massages. In fact, if you slide your fingers around Princette’s waist and turn them on, they transform your entire hand into a vibrator! Run your hand over and around all your curves—or along the length of your partner’s body—circling closer and closer to the body parts that bring the most pleasure.


Get Princette so you can give a massage with the best vibes.


Go slow and be curious. There’s no need to rush when you’re having sex. According to Starsi, you have all the time in the world. And if you use it right, you’ll find there’s so much to learn about your and your partners’ bodies. Because Starsi has so many points of vibration that are dispersed throughout its surface area—allowing its vibrations to rumble outward across the body—Starsi is perfect for slowing down. Experiment with running Starsi’s bumps and ridges over nipples, belly buttons, and other sensitive areas. Use the tips of Starsi’s arms for pinpoint stimulation. Pay attention and notice what brings the most pleasure.


Grab Starsi for Some Slow and Sensual External Play 


Take some time for mutual masturbation. This can be a great way to get in tune with your own body and with your partner’s body. You can either masturbate side by side, or you can stimulate each other simultaneously. Zeep, meanwhile, thinks it would be fabulous if everyone had a Zeep, so they could all play together. Because Zeep is so small and unobtrusive, fitting into the palm of your hand, it’s a great toy for partner play. Nestle nipples or a clitoris between Zeep’s antennae. Rub Zeep’s textured tummy over various body parts. See how different the vibrations feel when you use Zeep’s pointy tip versus their wide, curved back. Have fun with Zeep—or with multiple Zeeps! Remember that sex is amazing when it’s playful.


Pick up a Zeep for yourself… and one for your partner! 


Don’t forget those unsung erogenous zones. All of our toys would remind you that there’s always something new to discover about how we might experience pleasure. 

And that you never know which body part might make your toes curl when stimulated just right.

Keep it fun and frisky, everyone.