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Broke queers deserve sex toys!

Broke queers deserve sex toys!

Over the past couple of Prides, we've been able to give over 100 toys to low-income folks within our community, toys that enable them to access pleasure and joy in a way that feels safe and affirming. Thank you so much for making that possible! This year, if you donate at least $5 to the Pay-It-Forward program during Pride Month, you’ll receive our brand-new CLF Community Sticker.
by Step Tranovich on June 10, 2024
Why Our Sex Toys Are Great for Disabled Folks

Why Our Sex Toys Are Great for Disabled Folks

Hey there, friends! Zeep buzzing in to share some exciting insights about pleasure and accessibility. As a disabled- owned small business, we're all about celebrating the unique intersections of disability and sexuality. Today, let's dive into the world of sex toys designed with accessibility in mind—because everyone deserves pleasure that fits just right!
by Zeep 🍃 on December 11, 2023
Something amazing you did last month…

Something amazing you did last month…

If you’ve been a member of the Cute Little Fuckers community for a while, you may already know about our pay-it-forward program. This program makes our toys more accessible to low-income transgender, POC, disabled, and single-parent folks who might not otherwise be able to afford their own adorable little monster.
by Step Tranovich on July 14, 2023