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This toy turns dysphoria into euphoria!

by Step Tranovich on April 08, 2024

As you know, the entire lineup of Cute Little Fuckers was designed to deliver pleasure to all bodies. They’re meant to be an antidote to the slew of toys out there that mimic genitalia. And because they’re also cute as heck, they do this while also making folks smile.

Because sex play should be just that, y’all—playful!

But if I’ve learned one thing from community feedback, it’s that one toy goes above and beyond when it comes to transforming genital dysphoria into euphoria.


Starsi is the most beloved by transgender and nonbinary folx.


Starsi obviously has a lot going for them. From their soft silicone to their bumps and ridges to their vibrating tips to their small, enigmatic smile, Starsi has long been a favorite of many within the Cute Little Fuckers community.

But those with genital dysphoria report that Starsi has been particularly healing for them, allowing them to find a sense of joy in their sex play that had previously been elusive.



Thanks to Starsi’s shape, you can use them to cradle and stimulate the most dysphoric areas of your body, covering the bits that bring you discomfort so you can completely reimagine your body.

Starsi can also be used for grinding, delivering hands-free pleasure.



You can even slip Starsi into your undies, wearing them around as the cutest, quirkiest packer ever, or staying in and turning them on for another form of hands-free play.

I have to say… there’s no other toy that’s quite like Starsi.

Snag your own Starsi and start exploring. 🌟