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This toy gives sexy superpowers.⚡

by Step Tranovich on January 21, 2024

You’ve heard the saying “new year, new you,” right? 

I don’t know about you, but at this time of year, there’s another phrase I prefer to follow:

“Don’t mess with a good thing.”

For me, one of those good things is our crew of cute little fuckers. 

And one of our standouts—in my opinion, but also according to community reviews—is our darling, dependable Princette.

hand holding a princette

Princette has a lot going for them, but perhaps one of the most rad aspects of their design is their hourglass shape, which makes it super easy to hold them one-handed. 

With their ring of legs on one side and their curved head on the other, all you have to do is slide your fingers around their middle and you’re set. 

platinum princette held in between fingers

Thanks to this hold, you can avoid the wrist pain that sometimes comes with gripping a traditional toy. 

In fact, with Princette’s splayed-out tentacles nestled right beneath your fingers, it feels as if they’re an extension of you.

Once you have Princette humming along in the palm of your hand, the possibilities are endless.

Glide your hand across your skin, experimenting with how the different parts of Princette—the crown of their head, the tiny nubs on the front and back of their head, the tips of their tentacles, and their flat base—feel on the different parts of your body.

Some parts of their bod—like their crown and their tentacles—are perfect for pinpoint play… especially on the more sensitive parts of your body, like your pubic mound or your nipples. 

And their more expansive surfaces can impart delicious sensations to other areas. Try letting Princette drift along your inner thighs or across your lower stomach.

Playing with a partner? Slide your hand along the entire length of their back, coming to rest around their bum or sliding all the way to their taint.

At the same time, your other hand can feel free to explore other parts of your body, or your partner’s body, allowing you to enjoy multiple sensations simultaneously.

Seriously. Wielding this toy is like having a sexy superpower.

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New year, new toy? That’s an idea I can get behind. - Step