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Broke queers deserve sex toys!

by Step Tranovich on June 10, 2024

Hey you - As we shimmy on into Pride Month, I wanted to share just one way you can support our queer community this year.

This month is all about celebrating queerness, and about continuing to ensure that those within our community are safe and supported, able to live their most joyful lives.

One way we do this at Cute Little Fuckers, throughout the year, is via our Pay-It-Forward program. This program allows us to get toys to community members in need, all thanks to your generous donations.

Over the past couple of Prides, we've been able to give over 100 toys to low-income folks within our community, toys that enable them to access pleasure and joy in a way that feels safe and affirming. Thank you so much for making that possible!


Support your community and get this amazeballs sticker.

This year, if you donate at least $5 to the Pay-It-Forward program during Pride Month, you’ll receive our brand-new CLF Community Sticker.

I know that investing in the queer community already feels good. 

But I wanted to give you something special, both as a thank you, and as a way of allowing you to show everyone that you’re a part of this amazing community.


Show your commitment to your most radical values.

Being a part of this community is so meaningful. For me, being engaged in the CLF community is about believing in every human’s right to authentic sexual expression. It’s about supporting those who have been most marginalized, affording them accessibility to joy and pleasure. It’s about effecting radical change through creativity and play and open curiosity. 

I’d like to think that walking around with a CLF Community sticker on your water bottle or laptop will show folks that you’re not just aligned with these values, but that you’re actively showing up for them.


🏳️‍🌈 Show Up for Your Community This Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈

 Speaking of showing up, CLF will be out and about at several Pride Month events this June. Look for us at L.A. Pride in the Park on Saturday, June 8 and at San Francisco Pride on June 29 and 30.

Will I see you there? - Step