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Something amazing you did last month…

by Step Tranovich on July 14, 2023

Hello there, you! 

If you’ve been a member of the Cute Little Fuckers community for a while, you may already know about our pay-it-forward program. This program makes our toys more accessible to low-income transgender, POC, disabled, and single-parent folks who might not otherwise be able to afford their own adorable little monster. 

I’m so thrilled to share that, this past Pride month, we managed to give 150 toys to low-income folks!

This fills me with so much joy.

“Oh my gosh, HAPPY PRIDE IS RIGHT!! I’ll be honest the sex toy industry is super overwhelming for someone who doesn’t have a lot of previous knowledge on the subject. You’ve got a customer for life here!!” - Meghan 

Pleasure is a key part of what it means to be human and we believe that sexuality is a human right. To be able to provide folks with something that can help them access pleasure feels like incredibly important work.

But I didn’t do this alone.

It’s because of this community—community members like you—that I’ve been able to keep this program running. Because of your donations, hundreds of people have been supported by this community. Hundreds of people have snagged their own Cute Little Fuckers… people who would not have had that access otherwise.

“I would love to say thank you to everyone who came together so that I could get a CLF of my own. Getting off of depo and having my first periods in 14+ years has been dysphoric for me, especially ruining some of my favorite clothes and the intense pains. I am so grateful to get a Starsi to help with relief. Thank you so much!” - Baby

This month, we’ll be revamping this program, giving it a refresh so we can more efficiently match folks with fuckers. 

I’ll be sharing more info on that in just a few weeks.

But for now, I wanted to extend my gratitude. 

And if you’d like to help us continue our efforts to give back to this community, you can donate here, or even just add a donation on when you’re purchasing your own Cute Little Fucker. 

Thank you, my friend, for everything you do. - Step