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Help us get more affirming toys to community members in need!

Healthy sexual expression is a human right, and we should all have access to tools that make us feel good in our bodies. This is the future we work towards at CLF. And while we can't make this a reality for every human yet, we made this low income program so that we as a community can support as many of our queer, trans, disabled, POC, and single parent community members as possible.

"I'm a disabled trans girl in severe poverty... CLF is doing amazing work here and I'm so appreciative to the people who made all of this happen!"
- Brynn, received Starsi 

"I’m disabled and non-binary and i’ve always found it really hard to find toys that are affirming... [I] am super grateful for this program and everyone who donates. i hope i can pass it along soon!"
- Anony Mous, received Princette

Over 300 community members supported and growing!



Join this month low income toy program list!


Here's how it works:

Every month awesome people like you donate through one of three ways: through the donate product on our website, by tipping at checkout when you buy something, or a direct contribution to our PayPal. 100% of these donations we at CLF personally match, meaning for every $1 dollar you donate, $2 is added to the pool. Nice. 

At the end of the month we go through the list of low income folx who signed up that month and give a random person the toy of their dream at whatever price is accessible to them. We cover the remaining cost of the toy with the money we've all raise. This process is repeated over and over again until the funds for that month are gone. The list is then reset and we begin again for the new month. Those on the list who did not receive a toy are welcome and encouraged to participate again! You are a valued part of our community!



Thank you SO MUCH to each and every one of you who have contributed to this program, past or future. Take a few minutes to read some of the words from our community members who have benefited from this program - you will see just how much of an impact you've made. You are truly building the future we all deserve. 

"I love that I could donate and support this beautiful project even if I do not have enough money to buy a toy right now. keep up the good work <3"
- Hana H T, amazing community member!