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Donate some or all of a toy to a low-income transgender, POC, or disabled person who couldn't otherwise afford a toy. While we put in a lot of work making these toys really affordable for the quality, they are still out of reach for a lot of people in our extended community & world who could really use a break. Some have even been following the project since the very beginning. Join a group of awesome people giving others a much-deserved CLF companion!

In addition, Cute Little Fuckers as a company will cover 25% of the cost of all toys gifted!

Learn about our free & affordable toy program for low-income folx!

Customer Reviews

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so very satisfied

i’m really thankful for this program! i’m disabled and non-binary and i’ve always found it really hard to find toys that are affirming, easy to use and that i genuinely love. i received my princette puppypus and it’s so wonderful; such a strong vibrator, so so quiet, and so cute! i appreciate that the design makes it much easier for me to hold/grip it. i really love all the work CLF does and am super grateful for this program and everyone who donates. i hope i can pass it along soon!

Hana Hanzek Turnsek
Contributing even if I cannot buy a toy

I love that I could donate and support this beautiful project even if I do not have enough money to buy a toy right now. I look forward to the time when I can also try out the cute little fuckers :) keep up the good work <3

So thankful! I love my Starsi so much!

I'm a disabled trans girl in severe poverty. When I saw these I was so grateful to see toys made for and by people like me, with our needs in mind! Imagine my happiness when I received a donated toy through CLF's Donate A Toy program!! I got Starsi, the toy I wanted most, and I couldn't be happier. There's no way I could have afforded one myself and I'm so so so grateful to the people who donated to make it possible. I'm able to have a better sexual relationship with myself and it really feels like my toy was designed just for me. That sort of "being seen" is something I've never felt before with any of the typical toys designed for and by cisgender people. CLF is doing amazing work here and I'm so appreciative to the people who made all of this happen! When I have funds I'm definitely going to pass it on and use this program to donate a toy to another trans person like me, and I definitely encourage all of you too as well!