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Coral Starsi!
Coral Starsi!
Coral Starsi!
Coral Starsi!
Coral Starsi!
Coral Starsi!
Coral Starsi!
Coral Starsi!
Coral Starsi!
Coral Starsi!
Coral Starsi!
Coral Starsi!

Coral Starsi!

Xtra Inclusive Design
Powerful & variable vibrations
Best selling

    Name: Starsi

    Pronouns: Starsi

    Loves: napping and hiding things

    Dimensions: 11.6 cm / 4.6 inches wide, 3.3 cm / 1.3 inches tall

    Starsi comes from a starsun, a planet covered in fire, so Starsi loves the warmth of your body. Starsi makes a great vibrator for all surfaces, from genitals to chests, between and beyond. The curves on Starsi's back make an ideal grip, easily palmed in your hand. Transfemme vibrator seekers with genital dysphoria tend to enjoy Starsi for Starsi's ability to cover genitalia with a gently curved vulva-like feel, allowing us to map new genitalia and euphoria in our own mind. You don't have to be transfemme to discover Starsi's pleasures though. Starsi is a sweet and sensual friend.

    All Cute Little Fuckers toys have these fantastic features:

    • Award Winning
    • Artist Designed
    • For all genders
    • High quality materials - 100% silicone, the gold standard of sex toys
    • Soft silicone feel
    • Vibrate at five speeds and five modes - an incredibly strong vibrator
    • USB rechargeable
    • Quiet. Shhhhhh.
    • Waterproof
    • Interchangeable vibrator
    • Easy to clean
    • Designed to be used in creative ways
    • 1 Year Warranty


    How to Use:


    Learn about our free & affordable toy program for low-income folx!

    Photos with models courtesy of Nikkia Margaret

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 49 reviews
    Loved it

    I bought it about 10 months ago and I absolutely love it. it so gender affirming and the euphoria that it provides is next to nothing I've ever felt before. I would definitely buy more from CLF


    I cannot express enough the euphoria this tool has provided for my partner. This was the best present, I've ever bought, and I'm good at gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you to this incredible company for this gift to us all.

    Starsi really had me seeing stars!

    I cannot say enough good things about this purchase. The Starsi knocked it out of the park! The surface area of the toy is wide enough to cover the entire internal and external portions of the clitoris complex. The grooves are both soft and distinctive enough to have a grind that is satisfying. Additionally, it is easy to hold and grip; no toys flying out from under you right when you most need them. 5/5 stars for the number of consecutive orgasms we had with it!

    New best friend ❤️

    Great for partner play and solo play; a very pleasurable addition to the toy chest. Highly recommend! Also, it feels great to support such an inclusive company. Keep up the great work!

    Amanda Arseneau
    Great toy for someone with anxiety -- not intimidating.

    A great toy for someone with anxiety. The cute design, face, and even backstory on the packaging feels fun and playful instead of intimidating.

    I am a cis gendered straight female with some hang ups and anxiety around sex, especially penetration and my genitalia.

    Starsi makes me very comfortable. It increases my arousal during over the top play (especially mons pubis) and the star points are fine and gentle if I accidently or on purpose go exploring.

    If anything feels too intense, it's easy to use Starsi for something else that's more comfortable.

    This product has helped me a lot.