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Mint Zeep!
Mint Zeep!
Mint Zeep!
Mint Zeep!
Mint Zeep!
Mint Zeep!
Mint Zeep!
Mint Zeep!
Mint Zeep!

Mint Zeep!

Portable & powerful
Beginner friendly
Variety of Shapes & Textures
Powerful & variable vibrations

    Name: Zeep

    Pronouns: It/It’s

    Loves: Buzzing, buzzing, and buzzzzzzzing

    Dimensions: 10.6 cm / 4.15 inch height

    Zeep comes from a lush and varied jungle world, so Zeep loves the variety and uniqueness of every body. The sly and shy Zeep hides in its leaf waiting to jump out & playfully surprise you with the power of its vibrations and the breadth of pleasure it has to share with its new friend. The tip of Zeep’s leaf creates soft yet supportive pinpoint sensation, thin enough to reach enjoyably sensitive areas even during crowded partner play. The back of Zeep’s leaf creates wide smooth stimulation, while on the other side Zeep loves to tickle you with the textures on its tummy or the space between its antennae. Zeep is a friend as varied and unique as you are.

    All Cute Little Fuckers toys have these fantastic features:

    • Award Winning
    • Artist Designed
    • For all genders
    • High quality materials - 100% silicone, the gold standard of sex toys
    • Soft silicone feel
    • Vibrate at five speeds and five modes - an incredibly strong vibrator
    • USB rechargeable
    • Quiet. Shhhhhh.
    • Waterproof
    • Interchangeable vibrator
    • Easy to clean
    • Designed to be used in creative ways
    • 1 Year Warranty


    How to Use:


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    Photos with models courtesy of Nikkia Margaret

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    haley swift

    so enjoyable with my partner and myself!


    Fun change to the more traditional sex toys I’m used to. Zeep is teaching me to break back out of what I know works for me and try new things.

    Alison McCarty
    Thoroughly Satisfied

    After much trial and error, I have discovered that the best vibrators for me are textured and allow me to ramp up the vibrations. The Cute Little Fuckers checked both those boxes. Starsi is everything I ever wanted out of a vibrator. The flat, wide surface is amazing for warming up and the tips are perfect for a happy ending. It is very easy to position for hands-free self play, too!

    anonymity is nice
    this little leaf guy makes me cum like a possum in heat

    thank you zeep

    A familiar buzzing with new shapes

    I bought this when a old mini wand of mine finally died. One of those fast toys for when you're low one time. I thought I would support a better business even though I knew I would miss the familiarity. I got buzz and to my surprise, it has the same patterns as my previous one! It has more options for texture, a better charging port, and way cuter design. It charges better and can be used easier then my old mini wand when I pair it with other toys due to space. If you're on the fence about this toy, take this as a sign, you'll enjoy it!