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Little Fuckers Sticker Pack! 🍑
Little Fuckers Sticker Pack! 🍑
Little Fuckers Sticker Pack! 🍑
Little Fuckers Sticker Pack! 🍑
Little Fuckers Sticker Pack! 🍑
Little Fuckers Sticker Pack! 🍑

Little Fuckers Sticker Pack! 🍑


    What’s hot and sticky? Cute Little Fuckers stickers!

    Love your Fuckers even more with 8 total artist designed CLF stickers. Two copies each of the 4 unique sticker designs give you plenty stickers to stick, stick, and share! The artwork goes from sweet to sexy to cheeky & innocuously lude. ;)

    Because who couldn’t use more art in our lives??

    • Designed by Artists!
    • Enough for You to Share!
    • Or Hog Them to Yourself and Cover EVERYTHING!
    • Art is good for your soul!!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    First Vibe - Would Recommend!

    I'm a trans MtF and picked Starsi as my first vibrator after I saw it recommended for trans women with bottom dysphoria. What I really liked was unlike other vibes that were recommended, Starsi is very cute and approachable - I treated my play sessions almost like a mini date and Starsi helped ease my nerves about trying toys for the first time.
    I love the combination of different power and positions the six arms and spaces between offer. My only complaint is that the vibration patterns didn't do much for me and I stuck with a constant vibration most of the time.

    Renee Geyer

    Ultimate Toy Bundle: Extra Vibrator, Extra Charger, Toy Bag & Stickers! 💥

    Dove C
    Love, Sex, and Magic Event

    Everyone wanted the toys that were sent and the stickers were so cute! Everything came so fast, and I deeply appreciate the support. Thank you so much!


    Forever ago my cat got to my charger and I had no idea how to get a new one or what type of charger it was! So so happy they put them on the website!!!

    steven rogers
    Every product a winner

    The designs aren’t just cute (they’re adorable) but extremely well-thought out and engineered. Doesn’t matter which set of equipment you/they have, solo or partnered, these are amazing (we own every toy CLF offered… seriously). Soft and pliable for your/their *most* delicate bits, but also turn rigid-ish when vibrations shake the cute little fuckers alive. And shake your/their aforementioned delicate bits to life. The tiny motors are deliciously, delightfully powerful (also delicate when you need; great for ramp-ups and cool-downs). Plus, we love the CLF company ethos, being an inclusive and corporately-conscious ally and friend to… well, all communities. We are two happy little fuckers. Please keep up the great work. And if you were to add an additional payment upon checkout for a good cause? I think you’d find a lot of good folks out there who would give. I we can pay for these toys and orgasms I’m sure we can all pitch in and feed people? Or something equally important.

    (Buying most toys feels like a gamble. Not these. Never CLF.)


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