Little Fuckers Sticker Pack!

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What’s hot and sticky? Cute Little Fuckers stickers!

Love your Fuckers even more with 8 total artist designed CLF stickers. Two copies each of the 4 unique sticker designs give you plenty stickers to stick, stick, and share! The artwork goes from sweet to sexy to cheeky & innocuously lude. ;)

Because who couldn’t use more art in our lives??

  • Designed by Artists!
  • Enough for You to Share!
  • Or Hog Them to Yourself and Cover EVERYTHING!
  • Art is good for your soul!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
so very cute and so very satisfying

i recently ordered a sticker pack and a princette puppypus.

i really like the sticker designs, my favourite is “put me in your butt” puppypus one. i like that the designs feature other queer artists that i can now find/support.

the vibrator is ridiculously quiet (can hardly tell it’s on) and is quite strong considering it’s size. it’s easily on the same level as the wands that i have. i usually only like the steady buzz pattern, but i found that i enjoy almost all of the vibration patterns. the silicone is so very soft which i really enjoy holding. its design also makes it easy for me to hold.

all in all this is the best toy i’ve ever gotten. it’s so cute, very powerful, exceptionally satisfying. and i love that i got to support a trans toy company in the process.

Me and wife
Nice fun

The Little Fuckers Sticker Pack is a nice fun product. Nice art, which you can easily put on our laptop, your door or some present. For the price you can't do anything wrong.