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Frequently Asked Questions!

Is your shipping discreet?

Yes! All toys ship in nondescript padded envelopes and cardboard boxes. Our return address simply says CLF. No one who sees your package will know you were just shipped your new favorite vibrator. (Unless you tell them of course!)

Are the vibrators really that powerful?

Stefanos, who manages the Upper Floor of fetish porn site said “Cute Little Fuckers are the strongest vibrator I’ve felt in such a small form. And I’ve felt vibrators.”  A huge percentage of reviews on this site talk about how much they love the impressive rumbling vibrations of our toys. So do these vibrators really kick? Give them a try for yourself!

How long does the battery last?

When fully charged the battery lasts for 110 minutes of consecutive use. That’s nearly 2 hours of nonstop play!

How long does does it take to recharge my toy?

It takes 70 minutes for the battery to go from totally dead to fully charged.


How do I charge my Cute Little Fucker?

Each toy comes with an insert outlining how do you use and charge your toy. In case you missed placed it, here is a copy of the charging portion of the insert.

Shipping times

We ship all toys personally in house. Most toys are shipped within a few days of being ordered. Covid can occasionally increase the shipping time slightly, and we will always contact you if that is the case. We promise to get your orders out as quickly as possible, because we are as excited for you to have your new friend as you are! Orders within the US typically arrive within a few days of being shipped. Orders from other countries will typically take 2 to 4 weeks depending on the customs process in your country. We promise the toys are well worth the wait though. ;)

Do you work with retailers?

Yes! We work with a number of retailers including Good Vibrations, Babeland, SheVibe, and many others! If you are a reseller and I would like to work with you little fuckers, please email us directly at

Do you work with content creators, influencers, or affiliates?

Yes! We work with a number of creators and influencers in sex positive space and beyond! If you are interested in becoming one of our affiliates, please email us directly at