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About Us!

What's Cute Little Fuckers all about?
We are a queer owned, trans owned, disabled owned company whose mission is to make authentic sexual expression as inclusive and accessible as possible. Here’s how we do that.

We are for all genders
From toy design to character creation, we are a company where all gender is included and celebrated! Especially yours!

We are for all bodies and abilities
All of our toys are designed to be used in a variety of different ways so that they work with as many body shapes and sizes, gender experiences, and physical ability levels as possible.

We focus on education and affirmation
New to exploring your body? Awesome! Sexual explorer extraordinaire? Equally awesome! Wherever you are in your exploration journey, we love that and are here to Guide you.

Crazy high quality at a reasonable price
Our bodies deserve quality products for our enjoyment and our health. We make our toys as affordable as possible for the quality while still paying our queer staff. We also have a low income toy program to help make our toys financially accessible to all.

Our toys are fucking cute
When we say accessibility, that includes emotional accessibility. For many folx, exploring ourselves can be crazy scary! Our Cute Little Fuckers can make learning to love yourself so much easier, and so much more fun too!

Cute Little Fuckers made headlines in 2019 as the first adult toy on Kickstarter after a 7-year dry spell. We hit our goal on the first day and went on to raise three times our original target. Since then we’ve continued to make a buzz globally, and featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan, TechCrunch and Out Magazine.

Now that our Fucker invasion has reached stores and homes across the galaxy, I feel so grateful for this journey and every person within the community that helped make it a reality. CLF was built on community, and remains the foundation of our brand, and our doors are always open. If you’re interested in the Cute Little Fuckers family you can join us through our socials, our comics,  OR our toys - whatever tickles your fancy.