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Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟
Starsi! 🌟

Starsi! 🌟

Xtra Inclusive Design
Powerful & variable vibrations
Best selling

    Meet Starsi, the gender-inclusive vibrator for everyone. With its award-winning design, Starsi offers a wide range of uses to accommodate diverse body types. Starsi’s arched back provides wide, smooth sensations. If you prefer pinpoint sensation, each tentacle tip vibrates at a unique intensity, allowing you to discover the perfect vibration for your body. For hands-free stimulation, you can place the toy on a pillow and grind against it—great for those with hand disabilities. Starsi is particularly loved by transgender and non-binary folx or those with genital dysphoria, as it can cover the entire genital region, offering a euphoric experience that aids in reimagining the body. Starsi works with you to find what you love.



    Who are we?

    Cute Little Fuckers is an award-winning trans-owned and disability-owned small business. As one of the most progressive adult toy companies in the industry today we focus on making versatile toys that feel awesomely affirming to all bodies, especially centering queer, transgender, nonbinary, and disabled people’s experiences. Pleasure for Every Body!


    Spinning video of Starsi




    - 5 Speeds & 5 Patterns
    - Strong Vibrations that Rumble, not Buzz
    - Quiet & Discreet Design
    - Rechargeable
    - Waterproof


    Materials + Care

    - 100% Silicone
    - Hand wash with soap & water
    - Remove electronics & boil or put in the dishwasher for a deep clean



    - Dimensions: 4.6"w, 1.3"h

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 82 reviews
    Proper sick

    Kush mate

    Joe Becher

    Starsi! 🌸

    Nico-Luis Ayala
    Better than I expected!

    As a gender non-conforming gay person, I’ve been wanting to invest in an external vibrator and y’all… this did not disappoint! There are 10 vibrational settings!! 10!! Perfect for mixing things up and edging yourself (if that’s what you’re into). Also the design truly allows for experiencing different sensations from the tips of the star points to the base and more. The silicone is super soft and the color is gorgeously vibrant. Really lives up to the brand name of Cute Little Fuckers 💕

    Michael K
    Lives up to expectation and exceeds it

    FTM guy who really enjoys external stimulation. First thing I noticed just holding it in my hands is how nice the silicone is to the touch. I was worried that Starsi had a much weaker vibration than I'm used to but I quickly discovered that the tentacle opposite the opening of the vibe insert is the strongest, and the one on the insert is the weakest, with the middle sets being second strongest or second weakest. After discovering this it was very easily to adjust to my preferences and beyond.. Starsi looks unconventional for an external vibrator but frankly Starsi's design is ingenious. The tips can be used for precise stimulation, the curved backs to them can apply a large distribution of pressure and vibration, it has different intensities for every mode just from how it's built.. A sextoy that isn't intimidating, dull, or designed without the user's ability to have fun with it in mind. I hope mine lasts a very long time because it's nice enough I want it to.

    Elena c/o Sarah Gustafson
    Loved the Starsi!!

    We were also buying snarky sex toys as gifts, but, ended up also buying the Starsi, and WOW is it fun!! Very much enjoyed the sensational versatility (pun intended!) and hope to share it with all our friends.


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