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We've made it easier for you to get your own Cute Little Fucker

by Step Tranovich on September 14, 2022

Hello there, everyone! It feels like just yesterday that we released Shimmer into the world. But already, we've been receiving lots of love from all of you, stories about how our latest adorable monster has rocked your world.

Please! Keep them coming!

Your stories give me the warmest of warm fuzzies.

One thing that keeps coming up is how easy they are to hold onto, no matter how you're playing together.

We love to hear it!

Check Out Shimmer!

As I mentioned in a previous email, Shimmer (and all our toys) are designed with accessibility in mind, made to bring joy to all bodies.

After all, we all access and experience pleasure in different ways.

And each Cute Little Fucker has its own unique personality and pronouns, because we want you to find a toy you can connect to emotionally as well.

But we know that barriers to accessibility are tied to more than just the physical and the emotional.

A good toy is more than just a tool for pleasure.

It's also an investment.

Because of this, budgeting can be an important part of the journey toward finding the toy of your dreams.

Financial accessibility has always been on our radar, which is why we make it possible for folks to donate money toward toys for our low-income community members.

But we recently made it even easier for you to snag that toy you've been eyeing—even when you're on a budget.

Starting now…

We have Afterpay on the site!

What the heck is Afterpay?

This option allows you to pay for your toy in 4 separate, interest-free installments.

I’ll say it again, just in case you’re wondering whether there’s a catch.

Instead of paying the full amount for your toy, all at once, Afterpay automatically charges your card every week until your new friend is fully paid off.

It’s sooo much easier on your wallet. And there will be no nasty surprises (like extra fees) waiting on your bank statement later on.

Offering this option just makes sense to us.

Knowing how much you believe in what we do, we didn’t want anything to stand in the way of you and a fantastic time with your favorite Fucker.

Whether you've had an eye on Shimmer or Starsi, Trinity or Princette Puppypus, we hope this makes our toys more attainable.

Yours truly - Step

Try Afterpay Now!
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