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The Different Types of Sex Toys to Know

by Step Tranovich on May 19, 2023

Walk into any sex shop—or peruse the offerings online—and the different types of sex toys start to run together. As one of our community members once so aptly put it, “why do so many sex toys have to look like dicks, though???”

They’re not wrong. There are, for the most part, just a handful of toy types out there, some of them variations on a theme, many of them phallic. 

And the way they’re marketed to consumers tends to keep them confined to that very specific box they’ve been placed in.

In some ways, this can be helpful, particularly if you have one specific way you like to stimulate your body, and you find that there’s one specific toy that will meet that need.

But what happens if you’re new to sex toys? Or new to exploring your body? What if you suspect there’s more to discover, and you wish you had just one toy that could help facilitate that?

Most of the toys out there can be used outside the bounds of the tight little boxes they’ve been placed into. 

At Cute Little Fuckers, meanwhile, we decided to toss out the boxes entirely and design toys meant to encourage all types of play and exploration.

If you’re new to toys, here’s a quick primer on the different types of sex toys that are out there, and a glimpse at how Cute Little Fuckers break those molds.


Also known as “massagers” and often marketed to those assigned female at birth, the thing that sets vibrators apart from other toys is the mechanism inside it, which—as the name suggests—makes the entire device vibrate. For those who enjoy vibrators, it’s the vibration that imparts pleasure when the surface of the toy is placed against one’s most sensitive bits. 

The silhouette of many vibrators is phallic, though there is a bit of variation. Smaller vibrators are marketed as clitoral vibrators. Longer, wand-like vibes carry the promise of both internal and external stimulation. Those with an extra curve are used for stimulating the G-spot. Rabbit vibrators have a phallic-shaped shaft with a small clitoral stimulator jutting out at the side so you can enjoy both internal and external stimulation simultaneously. And more recently, there have been vibrators that operate using air suction. 

At Cute Little Fuckers, all of our toys vibrate. We think it’s nice to have the option, no matter what type of toy you choose.

Beyond that, we really just enjoy playing against type. Trinity, for example, doesn’t look like your typical rabbit-style vibrator. But with Tripp and Trine along for the ride, you’ll find that the three of them provide the opportunity for simultaneous sources of stimulation.

Beyond that, Trinity is also safe for other types of play. With the toy’s flared base, for one, butt play is fair game.


Dildos are shaped like erect penises. They don’t vibrate. Rather, they’re used solely for penetrative purposes, with the user brandishing the dildo with a thrusting motion in order to stimulate the receiver. Some are made to look realistic, while others sport smooth surfaces. Some are curved to stimulate the G-spot or the prostate. Some are flared at the base for anal play, or for use as a strap-on. And some are even double-ended, most often used to penetrate two people at once, though they can also be used for simultaneous anal and vaginal penetration.

As already mentioned, all of our toys vibrate, but you can also them without the vibration. On or off, the long and slim Shimmer, for example, is perfect for vaginal penetration and, with their cute little ears flip-flapping out from the sides of their smiling face, they’re also safe for anal play. In addition, that small curve at the tip of their tail can help you play around with G-spot or prostate stimulation. If you do want to switch to vibration play, however, Shimmer is down for it, and running them along any of your erogenous zones can feel fantastic.

Anal Toys

Anal toys are—as evident in the name—used for anal stimulation. In addition to those dildos with the flared bases (including those curved for prostate stimulation), you can also find anal beads (multiple balls attached along one string, meant to be inserted into the rectum and then removed at varying speeds) and butt plugs (smaller than dildos but also inserted into the rectum).

A majority of Cute Little Fuckers are actually safe for anal play, from Shimmer and Trinity to Jix and the butt plug-esque Princette. But all of them also have the potential to make you feel good all over your body.

We just like to remind folks that if you’re engaging in penetrative play, you clean and/or change condoms on the toy you’re using before switching to a new hole.

Penis Toys

Though any toy used by someone with a vulva and vagina can also be used by someone with a penis, many of those toys are not often marketed as such. Instead, those with a penis are often limited to masturbation sleeves, designed to mimic the feel of manual, oral, or penetrative sex.

As mentioned previously, we like to play against type at Cute Little Fuckers, and we design our toys to defy gender. For example, have you ever seen anyone quite like Starsi? In breaking the mold left behind by all other sex toys out there, Starsi inspires curiosity, allowing folks to use their imaginations and follow what feels good.

Couple Toys

And again, just about any of the toys mentioned above can be used during partner play, but there are certain types of sex toys that are more commonly marketed as couple toys. Among them are cock rings, vibrating or otherwise (a ring worn around the base of the penis to help the wearer maintain a stronger, longer erection), remote control wearables (vibrators “worn” beneath one’s underpants, the remote control passed along to a partner), and the aforementioned double-ended dildos and strap-ons, of which our Jix probably comes closest. Though, again, Jix contains multitudes. 😉

As you can see, we don't really relate to the traditional sex toy categories, though do like how it gives us a chance to talk about different functionalities… and gives you a jumping off place to start exploring.

Whatever type you’re into, though, all of our toys are wired for boundless exploration and pleasure.