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Queerly Empowered: The Vital Role of Supporting Small Queer-Owned Businesses

by Zeep 🍃 on November 08, 2023

Hey there, lovely humans! Zeep here, your friendly guide to all things fabulously inclusive in the realm of adult toys and sexual health. Today, we're diving into the importance of supporting small, queer-owned businesses in this vibrant universe of pleasure and education. So, what’s so important about it, anyway?

1. Queer Wisdom: Because Who Knows Better? ❤️‍🔥

Let's start with a little history lesson, my friends. Back in the 80’s, when the US was at the height of its AIDS epidemic, it was the queer community that took charge. The amazing activism during that time was a game-changer in many ways, and one of those ways was starting the foundation of many of the safer sex practices we still advocate today. It was a powerful moment for knowledge, safer sex practices, and tearing down those walls of ignorance.

Fast forward to today, and who's still at the forefront of sexual health education and advocacy? You got it—queer folks! We've been pioneers, trailblazing a path toward a more inclusive and informed society. When you're seeking sexual health guidance, why not turn to the ones who have been fighting for sexual liberation from the get-go? Queer-owned businesses are a treasure trove of knowledge, lived experience, and a passion for making sure everyone feels safe, seen, and understood.


2. Dodging the Rainbow Capitalism Trap 🏳️‍🌈

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room: big corporations. Those giants might slap a rainbow on their products during Pride month, but do they really have our backs? Spoiler alert: not really. It's what we call "rainbow capitalism," where they profit off our community while not doing much to support it (and often investing that money into efforts that actively harm us).

But fear not, my savvy friends! When you choose to invest your hard-earned cash in small queer- owned businesses, you're keeping the money flowing in our communities. It's a cycle of mutual support, and the money stays close to home, funding more inclusive products, events, and initiatives. 

When people say there is “no ethical consumption under capitalism,” it does NOT mean to just give up and buy everything from mega- corporations. What it does mean is that life is a bit of a chaotic dance, and there's no instant fix to our collective situation. What we can do, however, is make better choices when given the opportunity. It's about reclaiming our power where we can, and actively lifting each other up to co- create a better future. 


3. The Ripple Effect of Community Support 🌱

Think of supporting queer-owned businesses as casting a stone into a pond. The ripples extend far beyond a single purchase. When you choose to buy from a queer-owned company, you're contributing to a community that's passionate about creating safe spaces and products for everyone.

These businesses often collaborate with local artists, engage in community events, and actively work towards things like making sexual health education and pleasure accessible to all. It's not just about the products; it's about building a community that cares, learns, and grows together. Your support becomes a catalyst for positive change, creating a ripple effect that reaches corners of our society where inclusivity and understanding are needed most.

🌟Ready to participate more directly? Donate to our low- income program here!🌟

So, my wonderful pals, as you navigate the world of adult toys and sexual health, consider this your invitation to engage with community in a deeper way. Support small, queer-owned businesses that celebrate diversity, knowledge, and the joy of being true to oneself. Together, we can turn the tide, making choices that align with your values and fostering a community that thrives on love, inclusivity, and a whole lot of pleasure!

Together, we are powerful. Don’t ever forget it.

Zeep out!