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Professor Shimmer proves your G & P spots exist (and they’re awesome!)

by Step Tranovich on November 17, 2023

Hey there, you - Can you believe it’s already November?? I don’t know about you but when the weather gets this chilly, all I care about is being as cozy as possible. Sometimes, that means cocooning myself in several blankets. Sometimes, it means endless toasty beverages.

And sometimes—and since you’re here, I’m sure you can relate—it means cuddling with my favorite Cute Little Fucker. 

Take a look at this cuddly crew!

 It feels wrong to play favorites when it comes to all my adorable little monsters, but I can’t deny that, sometimes, Shimmer just hits the spot.

And by “spot,” I’m referring to the “G-” and “P-” spots.

Shimmer is designed to excel at G-spot and P-spot stimulation.

When I created Shimmer, I wanted them to do it all: 

Shimmer was designed to be versatile as heck, allowing for both internal and external stimulation. 

She was designed to be both butt-safe and easy to grip, with help from her flippers. 

On a personal level, because of Shimmer’s he/she/they pronouns, I found them to be extra gender-affirming—and I hoped you would feel the same.

But why does Shimmer really hit the spot? It’s all about that curved bump on the end of their tail.

moonlight shimmer

How can you use Shimmer to stimulate your G- or P-spot?

Whether you’re interested in exploring your G-spot or your P-spot (the prostate), Shimmer makes it easy. 

First, we recommend engaging in some outercourse, allowing Shimmer to shimmy along your pubic bone, your clitoris, or your perineum. It can help to be relaxed and aroused before you dive deeper, and vibration can help relax those areas. Shimmer has five different vibrational intensities, and five different patterns, so you can play around and see what feels best for you.

Next, if you haven’t already, grab some lube. Particularly if you’re aiming for your P-spot.

Then start slow. Insert Shimmer’s tail inside of you about a couple of inches. If you’re aiming for your G-spot, the curve of the tail should point toward the front of your abdomen, as if you’re tickling the inside of your belly button. For the P-spot, you’ll be entering through the anus, but you should also think about having that tail curve toward the front of your body. 

As you find the rhythm and pressure that’s right for you, you may want to add some additional external stimulation—maybe even just some gentle pressure—in the pelvic area. The more you experiment, the better it will feel.

If you want, you can invite a partner to join in. Like I said, Shimmer’s fins make her so easy to grip, which can be useful during partner play. Just make sure you take what you learned during your alone time and communicate with your partner about what feels good to you, and what you’d like more or less of.

Whether you decide to play alone or with partners, you may find you really enjoy this type of stimulation.

Have I convinced you to give it a try? 

Consider picking up Shimmer and trying something new.

Have fun and stay cozy!