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Dive Into Pleasure: Understanding Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant Sex Toys

by Princette 🐙 on July 20, 2023

Are you ready to dive into a world of pleasure guaranteed to make waves? 

Whether you're planning a steamy rendezvous in the shower or a frolicsome adventure by the poolside, choosing the perfect pleasure gadget for your aquatic escapades can be tricky. 

Fear not, because today, we're delving deep into the realm of waterproof and water-resistant sex toys

So, prepare to navigate through this watery wonderland as we help you decide which type of toy will truly float your boat!


What Are Waterproof and Water-Resistant Sex Toys?

When it comes to aquatic playtime with your sex toys, the terms "waterproof" and "water-resistant" tend to get thrown around a lot.

But what do they really mean?

💦 Waterproof toys are made with materials that won't break down or degrade when exposed to water. This means they can be fully submerged without any issues.

💦 Water-resistant toys are made with materials that can withstand some exposure to water but not complete immersion.

So, when you're trying to decide between waterproof and water-resistant sex toys, it really depends on how wet you want to get!

If you want to take your toy into the pool or bathtub, opting for a waterproof option is definitely the way to go.

But if shower play is more your speed, then a water-resistant toy will still get the job done just fine.


Pros and Cons of Each Type of Sex Toy for Aquatic Playtime

Craving an underwater adventure but missing the right toy for some extra splash?

Let's dive into the pros and cons of waterproof and water-resistant sex toys before you merry off to the store (let's be honest, your favorite online sex toy site, aka Cute Little Fuckers).


Benefits of Waterproof Sex Toys

💦 Ready for any underwater adventures you have planned – all the submersion, none of the damage.

💦 Easy to clean and sanitize for maximum hygiene.

💦 Often made with high-quality materials to withstand water damage.


Drawbacks of Waterproof Sex Toys

💦 It may be more expensive due to advanced technology and materials.

💦 Often more rigid and less flexible, which can limit usage.

💦 It may require stronger batteries to match the extra power needed for underwater use.


Benefits of Water-Resistant Sex Toys

💦 Generally, more budget-friendly than waterproof options.

💦 Often lightweight and portable, perfect for travel or on-the-go use.

💦 It can be used in and around water, such as a steamy shower.


Drawbacks of Water-Resistant Sex Toys

💦 They are not completely waterproof, meaning they might get damaged if used in too much water or underwater for too long.

💦 It may be prone to water damage if not properly cared for.

💦 May have less powerful motors due to water-resistant technology.


Choosing the Right Sex Toy for Water Play

If you're planning on playing in the water with your toys, it's important to choose the right type of sex toy for your activities. 

Remember these tips when choosing the right sex toy for water play.


Material Matters

Before deciding on a sex toy for aquatic activities, remember some materials may not fare well underwater. For example, the porous nature of some materials can make them more susceptible to water damage and bacteria growth.

Glass or metal might seem like a good option, as they are waterproof – but remember they'll be slippery. Glass may break, becoming dangerous. Metal may fall and break other things.

Opt for high-grade silicone to avoid these potential issues.

Also, look for toys labeled "submersible" or "waterproof" if you want them to dive down under.


Playing with Power

You'll want a toy with a strong motor to deliver maximum satisfaction when it comes to underwater pleasure.

Waterproof toys tend to have more powerful motors, making them a great option for extra excitement.


Design Dive

Another important factor to consider when selecting a sex toy for aquatic play is the toy's design. The shape and size of the toy can greatly impact the overall experience.

For example, a bath sex toy with a suction cup base can provide added stability for hands-free play. A curved shape toy can help you explore all the right spots for maximum pleasure.


Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Water Toy Use

💦 Before you and your toy explore waterful wonders, test it beforehand to ensure it is waterproof.

💦 After enjoying some oceanic delights with your waterproof or water-resistant sex toy, it's important to rinse and wash it thoroughly. Don't forget to use a gentle soap or sex toy cleaner that won't damage the toy's material.

💦 Use a clean towel and gently pat it dry - try not to rub too hard, as this may damage any sensitive materials.

💦 Always inspect your toy and check for discoloration, tears, or other signs of damage before each use. If you find any, discard the toy immediately to avoid the risk of infection.

💦 Be sure to follow your sex toy's instructions for proper cleaning and maintenance.


Getting Wet: Safety Tips for Water Play

Whether it’s the shower, tub, pool, lake, or another waterbody, water can add an exquisite element to your sexual explorations.

But before you get wet and wild with your favorite sex toy, here are a few watertight tips to keep in mind before jumping in.


Location, Location, Location

Before making a splash, choose a safe (and secluded) area to avoid possible voyeurs, unwanted distractions, and dangerous situations.

If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, find somewhere (or someone else with which) to play.

Also, follow local laws and regulations regarding public nudity and sexual activities.


What’s Below the Surface

Equally important is to check the water quality where possible. Many dangers like sharks, rocks, sewerage, pollution, and more can lurk beneath the surface.

Safety always comes before fun.


Protection is Key

Remember to bring appropriate protection such as waterproof condoms, lubricant, and other barrier methods to keep you and your playmates safe while getting wet and wild.


Communication is Crucial

Like any sexual activity, communication is key. Speak up about your likes, dislikes, and any issues that may arise to keep the erotic fun and safety under control.


Watch Out for Currents

Be mindful of water currents if you play in open water, such as the ocean, lake, or river. Powerful currents can sweep you away from the shore and put your safety at risk.


Stay Sober

As tempting as it might be to indulge in some adult beverages while playing, staying sober and alert while getting frisky in water is important to avoid any accidents.


Don't Forget Sun Protection

Even though the water may be cooling you off, remember to apply sunscreen liberally and wear protective clothing to avoid getting burned in delicate areas.


Know Your Limits

Finally, know your limits and don't take unnecessary risks. Whether you're ready to make a splash or just dip your toes in the water, it's all about having fun, not endangering your well-being.


So, ready to dive into the endless possibilities of aquatic pleasure and enjoy some safe and satisfying fun? 😉