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Spice Up Your Sex Life: The Amazing Benefits of Using Sex Toys

by Princette 🐙 on May 26, 2023

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom department? 

Look no further than sex toys! 

These amazing tools can completely transform your sex life, offering unparalleled pleasure and excitement. From vibrators and dildos to Cute Little Fuckers, there is a world of possibilities waiting for you. 

But wait, there's more! 

The advantages of using sex toys go way beyond just pleasure, and we're here to find out what these sex toy benefits are. 

So, are you ready to take your pleasure game to new heights?

How Many People Use Sex Toys?

Friends, we are overjoyed by how the fun and wonderful world of sex is ever-evolving and improving! 

It's so amazing to see and be part of open and honest discussions as well as celebrations and expressions of different genders, sexualities, and experiences. 

How can we be so sure the world is becoming more sex-conscious, you ask? 

Math! Well, statistics, but numbers and counting are involved. 

Statista found that the number of Americans over 18 who own a sex toy rose from 135.93 million in 2017 to 163.12 million in 2022. Of the people who own sex toys, 56.46 million own more than 5 toys. 

Globally, the sex toy market is expected to grow from about $27.17 billion in 2019 to about $52.7 billion and to around $80.7 billion in 2030. 

This shows just how important sex toys actually are. 

What are the Benefits of Using Sex Toys?

The positive impact of sex toys is often underestimated. When in fact, using sex toys can have an avalanche of amazing benefits; some might even surprise you. 

These are just the tip of the benefits-of-sex-toys iceberg, but they clearly show the positive impact of sex toys. 

Sexual Health Benefits of Sex Toys

💦 Increase pleasure: Sex toys can help you try and experience new types of pleasure, explore your body, and simply take your sexual adventures to new heights.

💦 Improve your sex life: From solo to playmates play, sex toys can fire up your sex life and increase intimacy, not just with playmates but also with yourself.

💦 Overcome sexual blocks: It can be scary and create feelings of vulnerability when facing obstacles that keep you from enjoying sex to the fullest. Using sex toys can provide a safe and effective way to address these blocks and improve overall sexual satisfaction.

💦 Explore the unknown: Sex toys can help you explore new fantasies, help you feel more comfortable exploring your sexual desires and boundaries, and expand your sexual horizons, leading to increased sexual satisfaction and a more fulfilling sex life.

💦 Look beyond penetrative sex: Sex toys can help you focus on other aspects of sex, such as foreplay, oral sex, and manual stimulation. This can help you feel more satisfied and connected with your playmates.


Physical Health Benefits of Using Sex Toys

💦 Increase sexual stamina: Using sex toys can help you increase your sexual stamina by enabling you to build up your endurance and tolerance for sexual activity gradually.

💦 Increase stimulation: Sex toys can add a new level of stimulation during sex play by targeting erogenous zones and increasing arousal, which may help reduce discomfort, making sexual exploration more comfortable and enjoyable for all parties involved

💦 Reduce pain: If it hurts while you play due to an injury, operation, or health condition, sex toys can help reduce the pain experienced while optimizing your pleasure. 

Remember to speak to a medical professional if you experience pain or bleeding during your sexual adventures.

💦 Reduce risks of sexually transmitted infections (STIs): Using sex toys that are properly cleaned can help reduce the risk of STIs, particularly if used with other safe sex practices.

💦 Improve sexual function: Using sex toys can help improve sexual function by increasing blood flow to the genitals, boosting pleasure and arousal.

💦 Improve bladder control: Using sex toys can help you improve bladder control by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, lowering the risk of incontinence.

💦 Reduce risks of prostate issues: Using sex toys can help reduce the risk of prostate issues by stimulating the prostate gland, which can help improve overall prostate health. 

Mental Health Advantages of Using Sex Toys

💦 Increase self-confidence and body image: Using sex toys can help you feel more confident and comfortable with your body, leading to improved body image and self-esteem.

💦 Reduce stress and anxiety: Sex toys can provide a safe and convenient way to release sexual tension and stress, easing anxiety and improving mood.

💦 Improve communication and intimacy with playmates: Using sex toys with playmates can help improve communication and intimacy, not just in the bedroom but also outside it.

💦 Improve sexual outlook: Using sex toys can be liberating and empowering as it enables you to explore your relationship with sex and sexual experience in a safe, judgment-free space you fully control.

💦 Remove pressure: Sex toys are built to provide pleasure, taking some pressure off you to pleasure your playmate. This way, everyone can bask in satisfied enjoyment without performance pressure.

💦 Improve sleep: Using sex toys can help you relax and fall asleep more easily, improving overall well-being and mental health. 

Social Benefits of Using Sex Toys

💦 Normalize and destigmatize sexual exploration: The more people embrace using sex toys to explore their sexuality, the more accepted it will become. In turn, destigmatizing sexual expression.

💦 Support sexual wellness: Sex toys can be a valuable tool for supporting sexual wellness and promoting sexual health and satisfaction.

💦 Promote gender equality: By promoting gender equality in sexual health and pleasure, sex toys can help challenge traditional gender norms and promote more inclusive attitudes towards sexuality.

💦 Support people with disabilities: If you're living with a disability, sex toys can create opportunities to experience sexual pleasure in a way that might not otherwise be possible.

💦 Provide safety: One of the most amazing things about sex toys is that they can help you explore your sexuality safely and consensually. Oftentimes, it can feel like you must hide your true self to avoid judgment or discrimination. Sex toys can help remove some of these constraints.

    Debunking Myths Surrounding the Use of Sex Toys

    It's a common misconception that only people with low libidos or who cannot find playmates use sex toys. 

    In reality, people of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, and relationship statuses can enjoy the pleasurable benefits that come from using sex toys. 

    Here are just a few myths about sex toys that we can debunk:

    Myth #1: Sex Toys Will Make My Playmates Feel Inadequate

    This myth has no basis. If your playmates are secure in themselves, they will likely be open to exploring new things with you, including playing with sex toys.

    Myth #2: Only People Who Can't Find a Partner Use Sex Toys

    This myth is based on the false idea that using sex toys means you're not satisfied with your current situation. The truth is people of all relationship statuses can and do enjoy sex toys.

    Myth #3: Sex Toys Are Just for Specific Genders

    This myth is rooted in the outdated notion that all sex should involve penis-in-vagina penetration. The truth is everyone can enjoy using sex toys during sex or solo play in any manner they prefer. 

    There are all types of sex toys designed for people of all genders, so don't be afraid to explore the options available.

    Myth #4: You Need a Specific Toy to Enjoy Sexual Pleasure

    Not on our watch! Sexual pleasure is for everyone! Nothing should hold you back from enjoying yourself or your playmates as long as it is safe and consensual. Although certain toys are made for specific exploration and choosing the right sex toy can seem intimidating, in the immortal words of Jake Peralta, "Stuff can be two things!" (Brooklyn 99: Season 2, Episode 6).

    Just let your imagination and creativity run wild and see what enjoyment you can discover.

    Myth #5: All Sex Toys Are Expensive

    Do you think you must save up three months' salary to afford one that'll do the trick for you? While some mad-expensive items are on the market, plenty of affordable options can provide just as much pleasure.

    No. If you are shopping for something fun, affordable, cute, and sooo pleasurable, just visit the Cute Little Fuckers store! We have something that'll have anyone's toes curling in pleasure.

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