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Where in the world is CLF?

by Step Tranovich on May 03, 2024

I know many of you interact with Cute Little Fuckers through our website

And when I’m especially lucky, I get to meet you IRL at Pride celebrations, furry festivals, and other fun events.

But sometimes, it’s fun to remember that Starsi and Shimmer and the rest of the gang are also available in adult toy shops around the world, spreading their message of inclusivity, accessibility, and good vibes across the globe.

And many of those shops are themselves bastions of sex-positive goodness, acting as community spaces, providing sex ed, and giving folks the tools they need to explore pleasure on their own terms.

Us being in the world in this visible way is important, in that it is inherently shifting paradigms around how we interact with our sexuality. As a queer-, trans-, disability-owned company, it's important to us that there are safe spaces out there for those within the queer community to explore and communicate about pleasure. I love that, more and more, there are also cool toy shops popping up around the world that are also engaging in this radical work.

I wanted to highlight a few of those shops here, giving them some much-deserved love and perhaps giving you some itinerary ideas for your next vacation.

In Portland, Oregon, for example, the cute little fuckers can be found at shops like She Bop and shop enby. The women-owned She Bop team considers themselves a sex toy boutique for every body, and they’re dedicated to fighting for equity in the adult industry.

shop enby, meanwhile, is a Black-/queer-/trans-owned shop that focuses on gender affirmation and pleasure beyond the binary. They donate 2% of all proceeds to a rotating list of small organizations focused on improving the lives of queer and trans people of color.

Over in Detroit, Spectrum Boutique works to support folks of all identities, whether through the toys they carry or the sex education they provide. They believe the products they carry can be used by anybody, and they seek to make sexuality a topic we can all approach without fear or shame.

Traveling over to Berlin, you can find our adorable little monsters at Other Nature, a queer-feminist, sex-positive, eco-friendly, vegan sex shop that prioritizes sex education and community responsibility. Along with the CLF lineup, they carry other body-safe sex toys, books and zines, alternative menstrual products, gender expression wear, locally made kink gear, and more.

Over in Australia, you can also find some familiar faces in shops like Passionfruit and Sock Drawer Heroes.

Alongside their toys and other accessories, Passionfruit offers sexual health education and advice, and the trans- and queer-owned Sock Drawer Heroes focuses entirely on life-changing and life-saving products that support gender expression.

And in Switzerland, our toys are stocked by, the first sex-positive, queer-feminist sex shop in the country. The community they're cultivating is open to all genders, bodies and sexual orientations.

It’s true. We’re still very much a small business. But I love that, little by little, we’re building up a strong presence and making a powerful impact around the world.

The next time you spot CLF in the wild? Send us a pic! We’d love to see what those little rascals are up to. - Step


P.S. Speaking of being all over the world, just a reminder that I’ll be at Furry Weekend Atlanta May 9-12, and that CLF will have a booth at their Moonlight Festival on Saturday, May 11, 8 p.m. - 12 a.m. Will I see you there?