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What should we make next? Tell us!!

by Step Tranovich on September 22, 2023
When I started Cute Little Fuckers, I dreamed of creating something that would help folks access pleasure in whatever way was most affirming for them. 

I wanted you to be able to express yourself…to have fun exploring what felt good to you, whatever your body, your ability, your age, your gender, or your sexuality.

Just a few years in, I have been BLOWN AWAY by the positive response to our adorable monsters.

"For a couple of years, I've been looking for a toy source that doesn't immediately fill me with dread, dysphoria and boredom. I can happily say that CLF has not only avoided all of those, but actually produced an environment and set of toys that is exciting, interesting, and sparks curiosity about myself in a way I struggle to find elsewhere." - Genesius

As thrilled as I am with how strongly you’ve connected to the Cute Little Fuckers, I’m always looking for new ways to further our mission to make authentic sexual expression as inclusive and accessible as possible.

"So gender affirming and easy to use. Absolutely great for new exploration and enhancing favorite moves. Now I want to try them all." - Al

In the near future, I’ll be playing around with even more ways to boost your experience with Cute Little Fuckers…and with your own sexual exploration. I’ll be sending out surveys, scheduling chats with community members, developing quizzes, and considering even more toy designs.

But in the meantime…


Tell us your ideas! 💡

Is there a type of toy you wish we’d add to our lineup?

Are you hungry for add-on products that enhance your sex play, such as lube or harnesses or other accessories?

Are there programs you’d like to see us offer?

Is there information you’d find useful?

Email me your ideas and I’ll consider them as I develop CLF’s plans for the future.

"I’m very much a beginner and have a lot of bottom dysphoria. I’d psyched myself out of exploring down there for the longest time, but this funky little bug helped out big time! It’s small, it’s cute, and it made the whole experience way less intimidating than I thought it would be." - M

Every time you share your CLF experiences with me, I learn more about how I can make what we offer even better. 


So tell me: What would you like CLF to do next?

Thanks for being you - Step