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What are your most radical values?

by Step Tranovich on March 08, 2024

Hey there, you – I’ve been thinking lately of how lucky I am to build my life around a company that allows me to live my values out loud. 

Once upon a time, the amazing sexologist Carol Queen pointed out to me that Cute Little Fuckers is an activism project. 

This resonated with me. It continues to resonate with me as the CLF community grows.

So, what are my values, and how does Cute Little Fuckers embody them?


CLF prioritizes gender inclusivity.

We’ve been raised to carry assumptions around what relationships look like, what sex looks like, and who we are allowed to be as humans. These generalizations can sometimes make the ability to enjoy sexual pleasure—or to even feel at home in our bodies—seem out of reach. 

The relationship we have with our bodies can be complicated, and the rigid definitions we carry around sex do not serve us. 

That’s why I designed our toys to look like adorable monsters and not genitals. I wanted to encourage boundless exploration and a sense of play.


CLF prioritizes inclusivity of all sexualities.

Heterocentric ideas around sexuality can also leave many feeling left out, giving them the message that sex is not for them. 

Our toys are designed to show folks that sex can be so much more.


CLF honors all bodies and abilities.

Over time, different segments of the population have been desexualized, whether because of age, size, or ability. It’s been rad to see how, recently, conversations have opened up around how sex doesn’t have to leave anyone behind. 

Each of us has the ability to enjoy a fulfilling sexual life, however that might look for us, and I designed my adorable monsters to be accessible to everyone. 


CLF knows that all partner play should be consensual and mutually pleasurable.

All expressions of sexuality are valid—as long as everyone is glad to be there, and everyone is having fun. 

CLF’s toys encourage mindfulness, helping you build awareness around how your body—and the bodies of your partners—respond to different types of touch.


CLF meets people where they’re at.

Whether because of identity, ability, or preference, we each approach sex from a different place and, because of that, our experience of sex is unique. 

Our toys are meant to help you discover sex that truly serves you.


CLF knows we’re always evolving.

Finally, each of us experiences sexuality and pleasure in unique and wide-ranging ways. And because we are always changing, growing, and evolving, it makes sense to approach sex with open curiosity. 

This is especially crucial when circumstances prevent us from enjoying sex in a way that may have previously brought us joy and boundless pleasure.

I designed all of the Cute Little Fuckers in a way that I hope allows you to discover new things about your body, and about how you might experience pleasure. 


This is how we live our values. 

How do you live yours? I encourage you to take some time to yourself over the next few days and think about your values, maybe write down what they are and consider the ways you live them day-to-day. Knowing and reflecting on our values can help us show up the way we want to in the world and help our lives be truly fulfilling! I know I want that for each and every one of you! 



Take a peek at our Cute Little Fuckers before you go!