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Test yourself: Do you know your Pride flags?

by Step Tranovich on June 21, 2024

Last week, I mentioned that there are over 20 different Pride flags representing the queer community, from the original Gilbert Baker-designed Pride flag to the traditional Pride flag to a whole slew of other flags that nod toward sexual orientation, gender identity, and intersectionality.

The wide variety made me wonder:


How well do you know your Pride flags?

Cute Little Fuckers has 14 different Pride Pack bundles inspired by various Pride flags, available for the month of June. Below, I share pics of a few of these Pride Packs and ask: 


Which Pride flag is it?


Don’t peek yet… do you know which Pride flag these toys represent?

Lavender Jix. Purple Princette. Teal Trinity. Emerald Zeep. Coral Starsi. And Sunshine Shimmer. Together, this adorable crew represents the Progress Pride flag.

On this flag, you’ll find the six colorful stripes from the traditional Pride flag, alongside several important additions: The black and brown stripes represent communities of color, with the black stripe also nodding toward the thousands of folks lost during the HIV/AIDS crisis. Meanwhile, the white, pink, and light blue stripes represent the trans community.


Don’t look! Have any guesses?

Purple Princette, Lavender Jix, and Coral Starsi have teamed up again, this time in a nod toward the many shades of red, pink, and orange that appear on the Lesbian Pride flag. This pretty color gradient represents the different types of femininity in the lesbian community.


Take a moment before looking at the answer. Any ideas?

In this pack, Moonlight Shimmer and Platinum Princette act as stand-ins for the stripes in the Asexual Pride flag. On the flag itself, black represents asexuality, gray means gray-asexuality and demisexuality, white stands for non-asexual partners and allies, and purple represents community.

Let’s try one more.


You got this! Which flag is this?

Tada! It’s Teal Trinity, Sunshine Shimmer, Lavender Jix, and Rose Starsi! These pretty pastels make up the Bigender Pride flag, which was created for those who have two genders.

How many flags did you get right?


Gaze upon the full glorious spectrum of Pride Packs here.



    P.S. Remember - There’s still one last chance to celebrate Pride with us IRL. Join CLF at San Francisco Pride on June 29 and 30!