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Release the Kraken! Unleash Your Pleasure With Our Octopus Sex Toy

by Step Tranovich on December 01, 2023

Hey there, friends! Princette Puppypus here, your go-to octo-vibe and the first creation by Step (that’s right, I’m the oldest sibling in the family!). I'm here to spill the ink on the delightful world of pleasure and play, so grab a seat and let's dive into the intimate embrace of Princette Puppypus.

Meet Princette Puppypus 🐙

In case it wasn’t clear yet, hi, I'm Princette Puppypus, your waterproof monster vibrator with a penchant for all things delightful. Crafted with love by Step, I'm not just your average toy—I'm a gender-inclusive, gender-expansive octo-monster-puppy-pus pleasure companion designed for every body. Picture me as your adorable octopus sex toy confidante, here to guide you through the world of tantalizing sensations and self celebration.

Say less, I’m convinced! Come look at Princette Puppypus in all their octopussy glory! 

Playful Preferences: Yes, And 😉

I'm all about embracing all the joyous pleasures of life. Many guess that I’m a butt plug based on my unique shape, which, yes, I certainly can be for those inclined that way. But that’s not all I do! Designed with versatility in mind, I can be your trusty internal toy, dipping into your favorite slick innie bits, or, actually more commonly, a powerful external vibrator. But why choose when you can have the best of both worlds? 

Easy in the Hand, Tantalizing Tentacles on Demand 🖐️

Designed to be easily held in one hand, I'm all about making pleasure comfortably intimate. By placing my thinnest section between your fingers, you can easily turn your hand into a vibrator, letting me be a natural extension of your play. No need for complicated maneuvers—just grab, play, and let the pleasure unfold at your pace.

Beginner-Friendly Bliss 🦑

New to exploring this kind of pleasure? Fear not, my friends! Princette Puppypus is an excellent beginner toy, ready to accompany you on your journey of self-discovery. Use me internally or externally, explore at your own pace, and revel in the delight of discovering what brings you the most joy. I also have a cute smile and an approachable aura, welcoming you into your experience with joy, playfulness, and gentle encouragement.

Vibrations Fit for Royalty 👑

Now, let's talk vibes. I come equipped with 5 speeds and 5 rhythms—because variety is the spice of life, right? My vibrations are not just any vibrations; they're rumbly and powerful, ready to whisk you away to a realm of pleasure you never knew existed. Whether you prefer a gentle hum or an intense pulse, this octopus sex toy has the vibes fit for your royal desires.

Solo or Duo or Trio or… 👯‍♂️

Whether you're flying solo or inviting a friend to join the royal court, Princette Puppypus is up for the task. As an external vibrator, I can add a touch of magic to solo play, or bring a delightful surprise to co- adventures with others. Remember, communication is key in any kingdom, so don't be shy about expressing your desires and exploring together.

Check me out here!

In Conclusion ✨

And there you have it, friends—the intimate world of Princette Puppypus, your cephalopod pleasure playmate. Whether you're a seasoned pleasure enthusiast or dipping your toes into the waters of self-discovery, I'm here to make your journey delightful, empowering, and uniquely yours.

As your playful octo-vibe guide, I encourage you to explore, experiment, and embrace the pleasure that's uniquely yours. No judgments, no boundaries—just the joy of being your authentic self. So, my friends, are you ready to embark on a journey of tantalizing tentacular sensations with Princette Puppypus? Your pleasure paradise awaits! 🐙✨

Yours always,

Princette Puppypus