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Pride Packs are back!

by Step Tranovich on June 10, 2024

Happy June, everyone! I’m so excited to celebrate another Pride Month with you. As you know, Pride Month is all about celebrating queerness, and about doing the work to ensure that those in the queer community are safe and supported, given the opportunity to live their most joyful lives.

To still be at the helm of a company created to serve this community brings me joy. Pride Month feels like a natural time to celebrate this.

For the past two years, CLF honored Pride by releasing special edition toy packs inspired by 14 of the Pride flags.

This month, they’re back again.

Remember our Genderqueer Pride Pack? It includes an emerald Zeep, a platinum Princette, and a lavender Jix.

The Pansexual Pride Pack has teal Trinity, sunshine Shimmer, and rose Starsi.


And this is just a teaser. There are 12 other Pride Packs, and I hope you take a peek at all of them.

Check out these glorious Pride packs!

Thank you for being you, and for supporting this queer-owned small business. You’re amazing, and I hope you have the best Pride Month ever. – Step