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Meet Al and See How She Prioritizes Her Own Pleasure

by Step Tranovich on November 20, 2022

Hello there, beautiful humans!

It's about that time again… time to meet another incredible community member!

Over the past few months, we've shared some great stories from the CLF community.

You met Kmo, of course, who is on the Cute Little Fuckers team.

And then we got a closer look at some of the other folks who've found joy with their own adorable monsters.

You remember Cheeky and Dr. Jane, right?

Our next community member to take center stage is Al. Al is a passionate and playful person who loves to snuggle with her dog and her partner, spend quality time with loved ones, play board and card games, read romantic novels, eat yummy food, and have passionate conversations.

She also has a lot to share about how she learned to prioritize her own pleasure, especially in the face of her chronic pain.

Let's cue Ariana Grande's "Just Like Magic" and…

You've mentioned that you experience chronic pain in your pelvic area. What has the journey of navigating chronic pain looked like for you?

Living with chronic pain is quite discouraging on its own and navigating sex and intimacy can be a beast of a challenge.

I'm a bisexual cis-female and I spent my early sexually-active years feeling a lot of pressure to engage in penetrative sex with cis-males with a focus on their pleasure. My chronic pelvic pain forced me to think about my own experience during sex… something I wasn't taught to take into consideration.

Over the years, I've learned how to advocate for myself, set boundaries with my sexual partners, and prioritize MY pleasure, too.

I had to reconsider, then redefine, what sex and intimacy mean to me.

Today, I feel incredibly sexually empowered and have a lot of fun exploring new, creative ways to experience sexual pleasure — with or without a partner.

Could you tell us a bit more about how you found your way to Starsi?

I saw Starsi in a BuzzFeed article one day and immediately clicked the link when I saw that:

a. Starsi was really fucking cute, and

b. Starsi's unique shape was NOT phallic at all (why do so many sex toys have to look like dicks, though???)

Find your own way to Starsi ✨

I love Starsi so much. Starsi is perfect for non-penetrative play. The shape allows for varying levels of intensity and localization, which has been an absolute game changer for my pelvic pain. It is the first toy I've ever used that allows me to use it for a "slow burn," painless, pleasurable experience. It has made any kind of sex a lot less stressful because I know Starsi has my back… I mean, front? 😉

I have even found I can use it on my lower abdomen to relieve some of my intense menstrual cramps, which has been a welcome added bonus!

Starsi feels like it was truly created for MY pleasure, my anatomy, my comfort, my safety, my experience and, I gotta say, it's about damn time!

What is something it would have been helpful to hear or learn earlier in your own sexual journey?

Your experience matters. Your pain matters. Your pleasure matters. Prioritize YOU and don't settle for any environment, partner, or toy that doesn't make you feel fucking amazing.

We couldn't love this message more.

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Thanks for reading, friends! - Step