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Join over 750 friends who are making a difference in our community.

by Step Tranovich on July 28, 2023

Last month, we gave away 150 toys to low-income folks. 

That was thanks to you—someone who has continued to support Cute Little Fuckers—and thanks to every person within this community who has contributed to our Pay-It-Forward Program.

In fact, more than 750 CLF-ers have gotten toys into the hands of over 300 people over the past couple of years…people who otherwise would not have been able to afford them.

How amazing is that!?

I recently revamped this program to make it easier to match folks with the toy of their dreams. I wanted to give you the lowdown so that we, together, can help even more people snag their own adorable monster.

Here’s how it works.

1. Our awesome CLF community members donate money to the program.

      There are three ways you can contribute to the Pay-It-Forward Program: You can donate via this donation link on our website, which gives the option for both one-time donations and recurring donations. You can leave a tip at checkout when you’re purchasing your own Cute Little Fucker. Or you can make a direct contribution to our PayPal. 

      2. We match your donation.

          We match 100% of the donations we receive at CLF, which means that for every $1 dollar you donate, $2 is added to the pool.  

          3. We choose folks from our waitlist.

              Every month, low-income folks have the chance to add their name to our waitlist. At the end of the month, we go through this list and give a random person the toy of their dream at whatever price is accessible to them. We continue to do this until all the funds raised for that month are gone.

              4. We reset the list.

                  If you signed up for the waitlist that month and did not receive a toy, you are encouraged to continue trying until you do! You are a valued part of the CLF community, and I want everyone to have the chance at being paired with the perfect toy for them.

                  Healthy sexual expression is a human right, and we should all have access to tools that make us feel good in our bodies. 

                  This is the future we work towards at CLF. 

                  And while I can't make this a reality for every human (yet), I made this program so that we, as a community, can support as many of our queer, trans, disabled, POC, and single-parent community members as possible.

                  Thank you so much to each and every one of you who has contributed to this program. You’re doing something really cool, and I appreciate you so much. And I know that those who have received toys through this program appreciate you, too.

                  - Step

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