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Get your stocking STUFFED 🍑

by Step Tranovich on December 01, 2023

Hey you - I don’t know your holiday shopping style. Maybe you leisurely pick up gifts throughout the fall. Or maybe there’s a mad dash to buy all the things once you realize it’s December 1.

But hey. It’s December 1. 

And I wanted to remind you that our Cute Little Fuckers are the gifts that keep on giving.


The best possible thing you could give to someone you love is something that makes them feel good. And bringing pleasure to the people is what our little monsters do best.

Most importantly, Cute Little Fuckers are designed to help folks discover what feels good for them. Each toy can be used in so many different ways, encouraging a sense of playful exploration that allows people to learn new things about themselves—and the way they experience pleasure—over time.

So get your partner their very first Princette.

Pick up a Poly Pack to pass around your polycule.


Order a Cute Little Fucker for each person on your gift list.

 And while you’re at it, don’t forget to treat yourself. 

You’ve really killed it this year, and it would be criminal to get through the entire holiday season without extending love and gratitude to yourself, too.

So, sure. They get a Cute Little Fucker. And they get a Cute Little Fucker, too.

oprah meme


But get yourself a Cute Little Fucker, too.

Have a happy holiday season. I wish you all the good vibes. - Step