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Could this be the perfect sex toy for beginners?

by Step Tranovich on November 20, 2022
Person kissing a Starsi

Hello there, friends!

In our last email, we shared the heartwarming story of an educator who brought one of our cute little fuckers to her sex ed workshop at a senior center… only to have the residents go wild over it.

"The accessibility!" they said, because they found it so easy to grip.

"That adorable face!"

Yes. These accolades could apply to any one of our toys.
Seriously. Check them out.

But of course, they were talking about…

… drum roll please…

Starsi 360 view

Starsi has been a fan favorite among community members for as long as we've been around, whether their toy collections are large or small.

But today, I wanted to highlight why Starsi may be an amazing choice for sex toy beginners.

Starsi is Versatile As Heck

Sex toy beginner or not, we dig the idea of approaching sex play with a beginner's mindset. This means always being open to discovering new sources of pleasure.

Thanks to Starsi's shape — and thanks to the various types of surfaces you can find on the toy — Starsi is perfect for exploring different types of sensation all over your body. Its spread-out starfish shape is ideal for hugging different body parts, from your genitals to your nipples. The pointed tips, meanwhile, work well for pinpoint play.

And then there is the surface of Starsi, smooth in some areas… bumpy in others… we like to think that Starsi is a full-on sensation playground!

Coral Starsi with charger cord

Starsi's Down with Starting Slow

Because Starsi vibrates at five different speeds, it's easy to start slow if you're not used to a more intense vibration.

And heck, once you do try out every single speed, you might prefer that first level.

We've even heard that those less intense vibrations are perfect for when you want to play with edging.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Starsi's eensy little smile makes us squee — but there's also something about that shape.

Walking into a sex toy shop for the first time can feel like… a lot. Three feet in and you're immediately surrounded by a rainbow of phallic toys.

Then there's Starsi, a lone starfish in a sea of vibrating penises.

Community members have mentioned that Starsi's whimsical design makes the toy feel fun and playful, and much less intimidating than a conventional vibrator. For folks of every gender who are new to sex toys, someone like Starsi can seem very inviting.

Rose Starsi on a table

The Strong But Silent Type

Starsi's strength also lies in Starsi's subtlety.

In addition to not looking like any sex toy you've ever seen before, Starsi boasts a quieter vibration. This is useful when you don't want the entire household to know you're having a sexy time.

Points for Accessibility

Finally, we've said it before and we'll say it again:

Folks find that Starsi's shape makes Starsi easier to grip, especially over long periods of time.

So if you're still building your grip strength because you're not used to long, languorous sessions with a vibrator… we got you.

If you've considered bringing toys into your sex play but haven't been sure where to begin…
Let Starsi be your sexytime guide!

We can't wait to hear about your first time together.

Love you all! - Step

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