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There's 2000 Sex Toys On My Doorstep!

by Step Tranovich on June 17, 2020

There's 2000 Sex Toys on my Doorstep!

This is so crazy! I am so excited I don't know how to express it!!! Just moments ago 2000 sex toys were delivered to my door step! :o :O

Like so many other businesses, coronavirus nearly killed cute little fuckers in its infancy. We were going into production right when coronavirus hit china, two months before it worked its way to the rest of the world. Nearly 5 months of delays, holding on by the skin of my teeth, the toys are here! They are actually here! We live to fuck another day!!!

To all of you waiting for deliveries THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!

I am getting started on some quick quality testing right away, then will be getting to work getting everyone their long awaited fuckers as quickly as possible.

I promise, they're worth the wait.