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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Sex Toy

by Step Tranovich on July 09, 2023

We recently shared the different types of sex toys that exist, and the potential in all of them for all sorts of pleasure.


But when the sex toy offerings are endless, how do you choose the sex toy that’s right for you?


There are a handful of factors to consider.




There are so many ways in which it’s possible for us to experience pleasure. So, when you’re considering a toy, ask yourself: What can I do with this? How might we play together?


In our previous post on the different types of sex toys, we pointed out that—personally—we don’t like to limit our toys to one specific purpose. That’s because you’ll get a lot more mileage out of a toy that can make you feel good in all sorts of different ways.




You may have noticed that some of the sex toys on the market are battery-operated, while others come with a USB cord for recharging. Our Cute Little Fuckers are the latter type, because we feel it’s better for both the environment and your wallet.


Body-Safe Materials


Consider the materials used to make your toy. Porous sex toys—those made from jelly rubber or natural sources like leather or cloth—are difficult to clean and sanitize. As a result, they can transmit bacteria or viruses. Other materials can be unsafe because of the potentially harmful chemicals used during the manufacturing process, which can lead to skin irritation. Materials like these are often used to cut costs.


Body-safe materials, meanwhile, include medical-grade silicone, glass, and stainless steel. It’s worth taking a look at how a toy has been made before purchasing it. Because even though higher-quality materials can cost more, they’re much better for your body.


Price Range


High-quality sex toys can be a real investment. We’ve written before about our own efforts to make our toys more financially accessible, through both our donation program and our use of Afterpay. When choosing a new toy, you may want to consider what makes the cost worth it for you.


The Ethics of the Toy Company

Check out the mission statements for your favorite sex toy brands. What do they stand for? And which brands have a purpose that most resonates with you? At Cute Little Fuckers, we aim to make our toys as inclusive and accessible as possible, no matter your gender, ability, or income. This drive to create toys that anyone can enjoy is important to us. And from the feedback we’ve received from this community, we can tell it’s important to you, too.


Is that sex toy you’re considering made by a company whose mission makes you feel good?


Speaking of which…


What Feels Good to You


In the end, it all comes down to this. What types of stimulation do you enjoy? Do you prefer penetrative or non-penetrative stimulation? Are you interested in anal play? Do you love g-spot or prostate stimulation?


When it comes to vibration, do you prefer intense vibration, or something gentler? Do you want access to a whole string of vibratory rhythms? Do you want your toy to be whisper-quiet? Looking closely at product descriptions and customer reviews can give you a sense of whether a toy delivers on all your wants and needs.


In short: Which toy is going to deliver the most affirming experience for you?



You deserve to have a sex toy that checks all the boxes.