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The new gay not-Valentine’s Day

by Step Tranovich on February 19, 2024

Two days ago, folks around the world celebrated Valentine’s Day, a day for honoring our romantic love connections. 

Now, I know Valentine’s Day doesn’t resonate with everybody. In fact, I’ve noticed that many within our community tend to let this day pass them by without a second glance.

But then, the next day, we all seem to realize: 

Hey! I love an excuse to do something extra nice with my queer cuties!

Which makes me wonder… Couldn’t we have a private holiday, just for us?

I’m calling it. Let’s celebrate the new gay not-Valentine’s Day. It’ll be a time for us to celebrate the hell out of love and connection and closeness in all its forms, whether you’re in a long-term partnership, part of a tight-knit polycule, harboring a casual crush, or looking to reconnect with yourself.

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Whether or not you celebrated Valentine’s Day, I hope this email inspires you to keep those good vibes going.

Love to you all - Step