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Splish Splash: Diving into the World of Bath Sex Toys

by Jix 💜 on June 23, 2023

When it comes to steaming things up in the bedroom, you sometimes have to think outside the box.

Or, in this case, inside the tub! 

That's right; we're looking at you, bath sex toys. 

Whether you want to add something extra to your solo play or try something new with your playmate, these toys will make waves!

So, grab your rubber ducky and get ready for some splish splashin' fun as we explore all that bath sex toys have to offer.

What are bath sex toys?

Bath sex toys are exactly what they sound like - toys designed specifically for bath, shower, or pool use. 

They come in different shapes and sizes, from vibrators to suction toys, and are made with waterproof materials.

However, make sure to check if your toy is waterproof or water-resistant.

💦 Waterproof sex toys are completely resistant to water and can be safely submerged.
💦 Water-resistant sex toys are designed to be splashed but can't be fully submerged.

Popular sex toys for bath use include vibrators, dildos, and anal plugs, but there are also many other options, like massagers, bath bombs, and sensual candles.

Why Add Bath Sex Toys to Your Routine?

Bath time is a time to relax, unwind, and take care of yourself. But by adding sex toys to your bath routine, you can enhance the experience even further! 

Bath sex toys provide added pleasure, relaxation, and self-care benefits that can help you feel even better.

These toys are great to use for solo play or with playmates and can help you explore your and your playmate's bodies in new, intimate, and exciting ways. 

Sex toys for the bath can help you relieve stress, boost your mood, and feel more confident and comfortable in your skin. 

Plus, they can improve your sex life outside the bath by increasing your arousal and sensitivity.

How to Choose the Right Toy?

Choosing the right bathtime sex toy is an exhilarating and empowering experience. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your toy.

💦 Material. Choose toys made from high-quality, body-safe materials that won't cause any irritation or harm.

💦 Size and shape. Choose a size and shape that feels comfortable and pleasurable to you. It's best to start with smaller toys and work your way up to larger ones.

💦 Waterproof or water-resistant. Decide if you want a toy that is completely waterproof or only resistant to water. This will depend on how you plan to use the toy.

💦 Functionality. Consider what you want the toy to do. Do you want a toy for internal or external stimulation or both? Do you want a toy that vibrates, pulsates, or has other unique features?

💦 Brand and reviews. Research brands and read reviews before purchasing a toy. This will help you find a high-quality toy that other users have already tried and tested.

💦 Budget. Your perfect water-friendly sex toy does not have to cost your body parts to finance it.

Soaking Sex Toy Safety Tips

Before you can get to the fun and pleasure, it's always best to be safe! Here are a few easy "rules" to follow when you are in the mood for watery play.

💦 Avoid using any toys that are not specifically designed for use in water. This includes electric vibrators, which can pose a serious risk of electrocution.

💦 Clean your toy before and after using it! Use clean, warm water and mild soap or specialized sex toy cleaner. Make sure to dry the toy completely before storage.

💦 Don't share your toy. Sharing bath sex toys can lead to the spread of bacteria and infections. Use separate toys for yourself and your playmates, and always clean your toys if you're switching between penetration use.

💦 Only use water-based lubricants. Oil-based lubricants can degrade the material of your bath sex toy and make it more likely to break.

💦 Avoid submerging your bath sex toy in water for extended periods, as this can damage the battery or internal components.

💦 Avoid using your bath sex toy if you have any cuts or open wounds on your body, as this could introduce bacteria into your system and lead to an infection.

If you have a waterproof vibrator, remove the batteries before storing it. This will help prolong the life of your vibrator and prevent any accidental turn-ons (which could be pretty awkward or scary if you're not expecting it!).

Rub-A-Dub-Dub, It's Time for Fun in The Tub

Now that you have your purr-fect water-friendly sex toy, and you know all the safety precautions, it's to have some fun.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Started with Sex Toys in the Bath

💦 Getting started with sex toys in the bath can be a little nerve-wracking, but with a little practice, you'll be a pro in no time. 

💦 Start with a bath sex toy you're comfortable with, and you know you like. This will make you feel more confident and relaxed as you explore your desires.

💦 Use the toy in a safe environment. Bath sex toys can be intimate and personal, so use them where you feel comfortable and secure.

💦 Take your time, and don't be afraid to experiment. Bath sex toys are a great way to learn more about your body and desires, so try new things and see what you like.

Prepare for a Sexy Soak

It might sound like a romcom overkill, but a pleasurable adventure is more than just your body; you need to play to your other sense too. 

Preparing for a sexy soak is about setting the mood and making yourself comfortable and relaxed.

💦 Light some candles or use scented oil to create a romantic atmosphere.

💦 Put on some music or a podcast that you find sexy or arousing.

💦 Take a shower or bath beforehand to feel clean and refreshed.

💦 Take time to relax and unwind before getting in the bath.

💦 Go slow, explore, and show yourself love.

Let's get creative!

Ready to add an exciting new dimension to your water sports games? Here are a few ideas to get you going.

💦 Use your bath sex toys as massage tools. Run your favorite vibrating bath toy along your playmate's body for a relaxing and sensual massage.

💦 Get wet and wild with water jets. Position yourselves, so the bathtub's water jets hit all the right spots and let the water pressure do its work.

💦 Use hot and cold water to create a temperature play experience with your bath toys. Alternate between different temperatures to create sensations of heat and cold.

💦 Create a custom vibration setting. Experiment with different speeds and patterns of vibration to find what feels best.

💦 Make it a game. Turn to find new ways to use your bath sex toys into a fun challenge, and see how creative you can get!

Ready to Dive In?

Whether you want to steam things up with your playmates or your solo play, plenty of options are available, perfect for every need.

Just visit Cute Little Fuckers; we have just the toy for you!

Let your imagination fly, and enjoy exploring new ways to dive into pleasure.

Let us know what you discover. 😉