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Shimmer's Secret Launch Is Now!

by Step Tranovich on September 14, 2022



Hey there, friends! The day you and I have been waiting for is here.

At long last, I invite you to…




Glorious, isn’t she?

And just for you, we’ve secretly launched Shimmer TODAY (a full two days early)!


Check it out!


I’ll share more about this early access below but, first, I want to introduce the two of you.

Shimmer's pronouns are they, she, he, or any others—they like them all! What they really love, though, are curling, twisting, and glistening. Because Shimmer is an absolute star.

For some background, Shimmer comes from a world with long days and long nights, so they love making the most of each moment. And you'll love spending every moment with your new friend. His tail is curled just right, specifically shaped to unlock deep G-spot and prostate stimulation. Paired with their powerful vibration settings, you're sure to be shimmering, too.

Some other benefits of your new bestie? Shimmer is easy to hold. Just fold your fingers over her fins for an ergonomic grip when pleasuring yourself or others. And those fins also create added protection for making your anal play safe and succulent.

Now, like I said above, I wasn't planning to release Shimmer for another two days. But I’ve been so eager to share her with you and I can tell you’re right there with me.

You've been following along with our emails and Instagram posts all along, enthusiastically looking for clues on social media and submitting the most delightful names. I love it!

So for you—our closest followers—we've secretly launched the toy two days early.

And as an extra bonus:

You can get Shimmer at a discount if you buy them now, before the official launch day Tuesday!


I Want Shimmer!

And that's not all! As we mentioned in the last email, Shimmer represents the Season 2 finale of Cute Little Fuckers, which means they'll be the last new toy release for a while.

So, this might be a good time to get to know all the Season 2 toys.

We're also releasing today a Season 2 Poly Pack with Shimmer, Jix, and Zeep!!

These little buddies will come in two color options: vibrant and pastel.

Image of Season 2 Poly Pack! Vibrant!

Season 2 Poly Pack! Vibrant!

Buy Now
Image of Season 2 Poly Pack! Pastel!

Season 2 Poly Pack! Pastel!

Buy Now

Not only will this new poly pack give your toy box a big boost but, when you get all three together, you'll save money.

Whew! That was a lot of good news for one little email. So happy to have shared it with you.

I hope you absolutely love Shimmer as much as I do.

Your friend - Step

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