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Our (not so) traditional beginner-friendly insertable ;)

by Step Tranovich on September 08, 2023
Hey there, friend – If you’ve been here for any length of time, you know I like to do things my own way. Sure, some may find my ideas a bit…out there. But wouldn’t you say that a world with sex toys that look like adorable, kinky monsters is a more joyful world?

I know I can’t look at our silly fuckers without smiling.

I mean, just look at them.

I’ve always designed our Cute Little Fuckers to be unlike any other toys out there.

Yet I’m still sometimes inspired by some of the more traditional toys on the market, particularly the rabbit-style vibrators. They are—after all—the multitaskers of the sex toy world, with their two tips allowing you to stimulate two spots (internal and external) simultaneously.

Because of this, I decided to design my own take on the rabbit vibrator.

And so, Jix was born.

Take a look at this curvaceous beauty. 🤍

Jix is such a fantastic friend for those new to internal sex toys, or even for those who are taking their first steps away from traditional toys. Jix is just the right level of familiar, but they also bring those more explorative, playful vibes.


What else  makes Jix such a good beginner toy for internal stimulation?

Like other rabbit vibrators, Jix’s two heads allow for both internal and external stimulation, either simultaneously or separately, and is butt-safe, too. But unlike many of the rabbit vibes out there, Jix is thinner and more flexible, allowing you to ease into that internal play at your own pace.

They’re also extra soft. In fact, they’re made with the softest material we use at Cute Little Fuckers. This means they feel incredible against your skin. Jix is the perfect cuddle buddy!

You can also opt to play with Jix alone, or with a partner. Either way, their dual-head design makes them easy to grip as you try out all the many ways it’s possible to experience pleasure with your toy.

Finally, Jix sports not one but two smiling faces. Those are the grins of a monster who is enthusiastically consenting to all sorts of sexy play. I hope their cute little mugs make you feel seen and welcomed. 

smiling person holding Jix Lavender


Looking to explore more internal sex play? 

Get your very own Jix!

I may be biased, but I think they’re the best possible twist on more mainstream sex toys.

Until next time - Step