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Our New Toy's Name And Why I Love It

by Step Tranovich on September 14, 2022
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Hello there, Cute Little Fuckers fam!

By now, most of you have seen my last email, with that sneakiest of sneak peeks at our newest toy.

In fact, we received some great guesses in response to our challenge to guess its name…and some of you even got it right. For those of you who guessed that the new toy’s name is ✨Shimmer✨: You’re amazing! (Keep an eye out for those stickers we promised.)

We're not revealing Shimmer’s full design just yet.

But I did want to speak a bit about this toy, for which I happen to have a lot of love.

For the past 10 years, I've lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I first moved here, my heart felt instantly full. Everything from the richness of the queer community to the open inclusivity of the local culture down to the adorable little banana slugs I often spotted around town (so cute!) made me feel…home.

When we were designing our newest toy, I wanted to tap into those feelings. And that's how Shimmer was born.

I wanted Shimmer (he/she/they) to reflect the feelings of inclusivity and acceptance I found in my chosen home. And so, Shimmer is versatile as heck. This internal toy can be used by all bodies, in multiple ways, either with a partner or on your own.

I also wanted to acknowledge that, because of the ways in which our bodies are different, not all sex toys—no matter how popular they are—are guaranteed to rock our world. On a personal level, there are so many cool toys out there I feel I can't use because of my hand issues. In designing Shimmer, I was intentional about creating a toy that was easy to hold.

And then there's Shimmer's he/she/they pronouns. For a good part of my life, I also used he/she/they pronouns. Having a toy whose pronouns make me feel seen and heard in that way feels incredibly gender-validating.

Finally, there's Shimmer's look. Remember those banana slugs I mentioned before? They're so adorable. So, as I was sketching out design ideas for Shimmer, I felt inspired to give them some cute little banana slug energy.

I get such a kick out of the fact that Shimmer's design is a subtle nod toward a place in which I was able to connect with my authentic self more fully.

Out of the entire Cute Little Fuckers collection so far, Shimmer is my favorite toy to use. I love its shape, which makes it easy for me to hold. And overall, it's been so lovely and good to me and to my body.

This toy is so meaningful to me, and maybe it will be for you, too, especially in the way it aims to act as a force for sex-positive change in the world. Shimmer and their fellow adorable monsters encourage everyone they meet to enjoy safe and accessible sexual exploration. This sense of inclusivity is something we definitely want to see more of–and it’s the support we get from our whole community that makes that happen.


Shimmer's official release date is May 10, but we’ll be revealing them in all their glory on May 8. And look out for another super-secret special announcement on that day, exclusive to you readers.

I can’t wait for you to meet Shimmer!

Yours truly - Step

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