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Meet Cheeky and their most affirming sexyfriend!

by Step Tranovich on September 14, 2022

Let's meet another AMAZING community member!

Ever since we shared Kmo's story about how they were able to explore pleasure while also embracing their asexuality, we've received some great accounts from community members about their own sexual journeys.

We love how these stories make us feel closer to our Cute Little Fucker community…

…while also showcasing how beautiful and unique each tale of sexual growth and exploration can be.

Even better is seeing how our toys have played an integral role in those journeys.

With or without toys, when we give ourselves permission to explore our sexuality, we can learn a lot about ourselves as whole human beings.

We're excited to share another story from one of our community members. Perhaps it will inspire you to share one of your own.

Which Cute Little Fuckers is your favorite, and what initially drew you to them?
What has exploring your transmasculinity looked like for you?
How has Zeep had a role in this sexual journey?
You can take a peek at Zeep right here 🍃

How amazing is this story!?

Every day, we're blown away by the role our cute little monsters play in your lives.

Tell us more by 📧 emailing us here, and get your own Cute Little Monster-sona!

Love to you all - Step

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