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How To Choose the Right Lube for You: The Glide Guide

by Jix 💜 on November 01, 2023

Hey, fabulous friends! Today, we're slipping and sliding into the universe of lubes—a topic that's often overlooked but oh-so-important. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or just dipping your fins into the waters of pleasure, choosing the right lube can make all the difference.

The Lubrication Landscape: Water, Silicone, and Hybrid, Oh My!

Water-Based Lube: The Versatile Darling 🚿

Water-based lube is perfect for solo escapades, partner play, and even with your favorite adult toys. It's easy to clean, won't stain your sheets, and won't leave you feeling sticky. Plus, it plays well with all types of materials. It’s on the thinner side and will need to be reapplied more often than some other lubes, so if you’re planning on using it for something like anal play, there might be better options for you.


Silicone-Based Lube: The Long-Lasting Co-Star 🌈

Silicone-based lubes are like the VIPs of the lubrication world. They last longer than a catchy tune stuck in your head, making them ideal for those marathon sessions. They're also water-resistant, which means you can take your fun to the shower or pool. But, remember, silicone lube can be a bit of a diva—it doesn't get along with silicone toys. Stick to non-silicone materials to take great care of your toy companions as well as your rockin’ bod. They can also be harder to clean, so don’t use it on top of your favorite sheets!


Hybrid Lube: The Best of Both Worlds 🌐

Hybrid lubes have found the perfect balance between water and silicone. They give you the natural feel of water-based lubes with the added slickness of silicone. Perfect for those who want the best of both worlds without any compromises. Just like a sweet mixtape, hybrid lubes offer a harmonious blend that caters to your every whim. The best part? Hybrid lubes work great with silicone toys, so you can get some of the benefits of a silicone lube without needing to worry about what materials you’re playing with.


Oil-Based Lube: The Natural Elegance 🌿

Derived from plant-based sources like coconut, avocado, or even olive oil, oil-based lubes provide a silky, luxurious glide. Perfect for a sensual massage or slow, intimate sessions. However, a word of caution: oil-based lubes can weaken latex, making them incompatible with condoms and dental dams. If you're going bare, enjoy the natural goodness, but if not, opt for a different lube to stay safe.


Picking the Perfect Lube: How to Decide

Choosing the right lube is a bit like picking the perfect snack—it's all about personal preference. Here are a few tips to help you find your slippery soulmate:


Consider Your Activity

Are you going for internal or external play? Different activities may call for different lubes. There are even specialized lubes for certain activities– anal lube is a great example of this. 


Check Ingredients

Some lubes come with added ingredients like aloe vera, fragrances, or vitamin E. Make sure to check for any ingredients you might be sensitive to. We recommend going for fragrance- free, simple lubes to avoid activating any sensitivities.


Material Matters

If you're using toys, be mindful of their materials. Silicone lubes and silicone toys are not the best match, for example, so keep an eye out for compatibility.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help!

All these choices can feel overwhelming– I know I’ve just stood in front of a wall of lubes staring blankly before. If you’re shopping in-person, this is a great time to utilize the amazing expertise sex shop employees have. That’s what they’re there for!

What Can I Use for Lube—Other Than Lube?

Ah, the age-old question! While lubes are the rock stars of the pleasure realm, some folks get curious about alternatives. 

Now, we are all here for DIY projects (how do you think we were initially conceived??), but when it comes to some of our most sensitive bits, it’s not the place to be willy-nilly. Your best bet? Stick to tried-and-true lubes that were developed specifically for the way you plan to use it.

But if you are really in a pinch, here are some oils that tend to be relatively body-safe, according to Dr. Crawford:


Body- Safe Lube Alternatives

✅ Coconut Oil

✅ Hemp Seed Oil

✅ Grape Seed Oil

✅ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

✅ Vegetable Oil

✅ Sunflower Oil

✅ Vitamin E Oil


    Just remember, since these are all oil- based, they will not work with condoms or dental dams! Make sure the oil you use is clean and stored well. 


    Safety First: A Quick Guide to Playtime Precautions

    Now, friends, let's chat about safety. Whether you're diving into water-based lube, surfing the silicone wave, or dancing with hybrids, always keep these tips in mind:


    Patch Test:

    Before going all-in, test a small amount on your inner forearm to ensure you don't have any adverse reactions.


    Check Expiry Dates:

    Yes, lubes have expiration dates! This is to guarantee that your lube isn’t harboring any bacteria.


    Clean Your Toys:

    If you're into toys, clean them thoroughly after each use. Different materials have different cleaning requirements, so read up on your favorites. (Here is our guide to cleaning your toys if you need a refresher!)

    So there you have it, pals! Remember, the world of pleasure is vast and diverse, just like each and every one of you. Embrace the slip, slide, and glide, and let the pleasure journey begin!