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Getting To Know You

by Step Tranovich on September 14, 2022

Heyyyy there, friends!

Step here, taking it easy after the overwhelming joy-bomb that was Pride. I met so many new people in Portland and San Francisco—and met so many CLF-ers for the first time IRL—that all I can do now is bask in the afterglow.

Seeing this community grow brings me so much joy.

Getting to know you, I see that no matter what our individual journeys look like, we are each in fantastic company.

Because I want you all to see what I see, we’re starting a new interview series that spotlights the various members of our CLF family. And our very first one is with Kmo, one of the members of our CLF team:

What has the journey of embracing asexuality looked like for you?

These past couple years, I came across a definition of asexuality that was broader than being sex-repulsed. Until then, it felt like I was failing myself and my partners.

In reality, sex just wasn't as high on my list of priorities as other things. It felt like a potential fun thing to do… but not as fun in the moment as most other options.

(Fun fact: Apparently, lots of people with ADHD feel this way. Learning this blew my mind!)

I used to feel guilty whenever I masturbated. It felt like I was somehow draining a limited resource. But once I figured out my grey-asexual identity, I was able to start to let that go.

I've since been left with a replaced sense of freedom and have accessed a newfound joy in the times when I do decide to engage with sexy stuff!

How has Cute Little Fuckers come into play on this journey?

This is where Zeep comes in. It was so freeing to be in a place where I was redefining my relationship to sex and had a toy that was supportive of that by not just being another disembodied penis (super helpful for my nonbinary feels as well, tbh). Rather, it was connected to this feeling of *play* and *curiosity* and, through those things, empowerment. Zeep has been such a helpful tool in reminding myself that the point is to have a fun time!

And something about Zeep's cute little face just really takes the pressure off, you know?

Emerald Zeep toy

Just for funsies, what song would you want playing when you walk into a room?

The He-Man version of "Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa" because of ADHD-riddled Sagittarius goblin meme-lord reasons.

He-man sings

Anyone else suddenly want to have a He-Man dance party?

Speaking of parties, we want to keep this one going, so if you’re interested in sharing your own story, respond to this email and we’ll send along some questions! It would mean so much to us to hear from your experience.

We look forward to getting to know all of you even more. – Step 😊
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